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Dating Your Spouse

Dating post-child coming into the world is a whole different ball game! Just over a week ago, David and I were fortunate enough to find time and a friend to provide the opportunity for us to have a real date away from home and baby! We thoroughly believe our relationship with each other is the most important human relationship we have so we want to nurture that as often as possible.
Let me tell you, getting ready for a couple’s outing is not the same as before Elijah came! I began preparing one week prior by procurring the babysitter, a breast pump, and getting down Elijah’s “schedule” to determine best time of day for our date. We decided on 1ish PM as Elijah still has enough pep to be sweet, and is not far from sleeping the afternoon away, that should make it easy on babysitter! Two days before date I begin serious pumping for the first time, trying to make two bottles (which he totally rejected, but then he never had to have a bottle before) “just in case.” The day of date I make sure there are plenty of cloth diapers, plenty of outfit changes, packing up favorite toys and books, making sure Little Buddy is well fed, pottied, and dressed in an easy but cute outfit.
I make my way over to our friend’s house where I deposit bouncy seat, baby gym, at least 5 books, rattles, stuft animals, and last and hardest of all, baby. I headed home to get into an outfit that screams “I’m David’s wife and I’m going on a date with my man!” Not, “I’m a potential soccer mom who ceases to see the point in real pants”. Ok, screaming it? Maybe not, but I did want to look good for my soul mate!
When I get home we had to take a minute (30 actually) to cuddle and get me over my emotional brake down over leaving my child because I wanted time out of the house, I finally begin dressing, then hub’s, sweetest of all men, goes the extra mile to make me feel like we’re dating by waiting outside and knocking on the door to pick me up! So cute!
I regret we don’t have pictures of the two of us, but David was running the camera. I wish I had already re-formatted the video he made of him picking me up so I could upload it here.


The shot David took when I came to the door, totally surprised by my husband’s sweet and romantic gesture!

What I’m wearing: Empire waist, 3/4 length tie-back top, hand me down; yellow beaded necklace – from Grandma’s jewelry box; skinny jeans (not pictured) – Old Navy (revived from pre-prego days!)


In the car, on the way to enjoy a simple burger, fries, and milkshake with my best friend!

While enjoying our meal, our friend checked in to let us know she and Elijah were doing just fine together:

photoThanks “Girk”! You da bomb 😉

So the process is a little more time-consuming, but my marriage, my husband, our relationship is totally worth it to me!!

Don’t give up, whatever you do, on your spouse or the strength of your relationship!!

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