Major milestone


I had another post planned for today, then Elijah changed everything (his specialty!!)!! We were already having a wonderful day. We got to go to a friend’s house for yoga, then since the weather is so amazing, we went for a walk/jog in a very nice neighborhood.

When we got home, the best thing happened all day, he laughed! My baby laughed!!! I had just fed him, we pottied, then I put him down on a blanket so I could potty (mommy’s are only human), when I came back he was still ok lying on the blanket so I started playing with him and all of a sudden he’s laughing out loud!!! SOOO CUTE!!!

I should add, David believes he got the first laugh this past Saturday, but I promise you, as I told him then, and is more evident now, what David extracted from our child was more of a squeal of delight. What I got today was definitely laughter!

As soon as I can figure out how, I’ll post the video of his sweet giggles. ‘Til then, enjoy these pre-laughter pix!


DSC00962 DSC00963 DSC00965 DSC00966 DSC00967


Also, just a note about the blog. I am still developing my style, while fixing up previous posts! My pictures got delelted from my posts when I was with blogger, so I’m slowly adding them back now that I have my own domain via WordPress! Thanks for hanging in here with me!!!

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