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3 Months and Thriving!

My sweet Elijah reached the 3month marker this past Sunday.

Owning the camera:






DSC00938This is his male model pose 😉


DSC00948Sweet baby, exhausted from a day of being cute!

Current baby stats:

Wearing up to 9 month-sized clothes

Excellent neck strength/head control

Stands by pulling up on Mama and Papa’s fingers

Squeals in delight, or as Papa says “Laughs”…

Enjoys looking at his Baby Einstein “Water, Water Everywhere” book, featuring his pal the ocotpus

Playing in his Under the Sea gym, also by Baby Einstein

Pottying regularly using the part-time ECing method

Sleeping as long as 9 hours through the night

Practicing tummy time occasionally (it’s really not his favorite)

Still loving his Baby K’Tan carrier!

Mama Stats:

17lbs from her pre-prego weight

Slowly learning to coordinate household responsibilities with baby’s needs

Cooking more from scratch again! (see future post)

Happy to have enjoyed the holidays (recap to come), but now to get back to a schedule

Contemplating Couch to 5k

Happy to be making new SAHM friends!!!

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