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New Mom, New Life Lessons

Hubs took an “artsy” shot of us Friday night.

Everyone tells expecting parents their “lives are about to change forever,” “a baby changes everything,” “you’ll never be the same again,” “you’ll have to find a new normal.”

Everyone is right. I didn’t expect anything else.

What Elijah has taught me so far:
How to take showers so much faster
Getting myself ready in at least half the time
How to sleep much deeper in a shorter amount of time than ever before
Love, a crazy, deep, emotional, almost desparate kind of love that doesn’t go away when he’s screaming, has crazy steaming diaper-fulls, or his latest – big, projectile spit-ups.

It’s a brand new life. Praise God, I wouldn’t want to have any other 🙂

****Please forgive the slight mishap with the blog pix. In an effort to create more space I deleted a few picaso albums, who knew that would remove pix from the blog as well 😦

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