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Flashback Friday!! just kidding

I used to see “Flashback Friday” posts all the time, now I can’t find anyone with whom to link.

If I would have linked up today, I would have used this picture:


And I would have said:
This is a recent flashback to when Elijah was almost two weeks old, in fact, he was 11 days old in this picture. My Aunt happened to have a client in a nearby city and she managed to work us into her schedule! She spent 4 days getting to know my baby, her great nephew (though I think she’s too young to be a great aunt… but some people don’t seem to age πŸ˜‰ ), feeding us yummy meals, and spoiling all three of us in general.
We had a blast, and from what I hear through the family grapevine, she did too!
We had a little drama while she was here. I managed to develop mastitis and we decided on going to Urgent Care one night, where the incompetent Doc. refused to even check my breast for the proper diagnosis, sent us to the hospital ER for apendicitis… wrong “itis” doc. The four of us trecked across the way to spend the rest of the night and part of the early morning getting further incorrect diagnosis. We were glad there was a 3rd person to help hold baby, and then the next day spoil us with more good cooking.
Finally, her 2nd to last day we got to go out and have some real fun trecking around a local park.
For the record, my aunt reads this blog, so SHOUT OUT to her, and a BIG THANKS!!!! πŸ™‚

But since, this isn’t a real flashback Friday, I’m actually doing this survey-thing I got tagged with by Carrie.

Liebster Award:
Thanks Carrie for the award πŸ™‚ These things usually intimidate me, sometimes I overthink my answers. But for you, I’ll just try and enjoy the questions! I have to ask though, what is so magical about the number “11”? These things often have 11 questions…

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

Each person must post 11 things about themselves
  1. Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you
  2. Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to.
  3. Choose 11 people to award and send them a link to post. Go to their page and tell them.
  4. No tag backs.

11 Things about me!
1. I really hated pregnancy and childbirth. So much that I’m seriously considering being mother to my one and only, only.
2. Sometimes I regret not earning a degree in a specialized field.
3. I blame boys for my bad grades second semester, freshman year. But I learned my lesson and got serious about studies and less interested in boys sophomore year, much to their disappointment and inability to understand. The more boys complained the more serious I became!!
4. I’ve changed more since being married (i think in a positive way) ,more than I expected or would have thought I needed too… I mean seriously, wasn’t I perfect before? πŸ˜‰
5. Poopy diapers don’t gross me out like I thought they would… maybe I haven’t seen one bad enough yet? I seriously hated diaper changes when I was a babysitter and nanny. There really is something different about wiping your own child’s butt.
6. I went through a crazy ghetto phase… Only because rap music makes me laugh.
7. I don’t like shopping. For anything.
8. I love coffee dates.
9. Hanging out at a pretty park is my favorite past time.
10. It’s hard to come up with so much stuff about me.
11. I love crocheting, I wish I could read a pattern so I could make more stuff.

These are the 11 questions Carrie sent me:

1. If you could pick anywhere in the world to live, where would it be? Portland, Oregon

2. If you won the lottery what would you buy first? My way out of student debt.

3. What is your favorite season? Fall

4. Movies in a theater or your living room? Originally, it would have been in the living room at a slumber party, then not at all, then back to in the living room during college, now it would have to be in a movie theater because mama has to get out of the house!

5. What is your biggest fear? Something awful happening to my son or husband.

6. Do you go out on Black Friday or camp out at home? Definitely do not go out if I can avoid it, see #11 in things about me.

7. Favorite holiday tradition (any holiday for anyone!) I don’t have any traditions right now, but when I was really little we would always go to this place called “tiny town” and there were kid-sized doll houses decorated for Christmas for neighborhood kids to play in. My parents would take us and then go to this other place that would always have super-ornate decorations. Some years the whole family would get together and go to theme park that would have a special Christmas theme.

8. What is your most prized possession? Total honesty, my engagement ring… am I a bad Christian because I didn’t say “Bible?” I don’t really think of the Bible as a possession, it’s God’s word, it’s important to me, but it’s in my heart, the earthly material book doesn’t matter as much as the word inside. Although, I do really love the one hubby gave me for my first bday with him, it has my married name engraved on the cover and it’s purple :-).

9. What is your ideal date night? How about having a date to start with πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, browsing quaint shops downtown, stopping at a local coffee shop, and leisurely enjoying a pretty park nearby.

10. Most difficult DIY project? I suppose I haven’t had it yet? Probably starting up and Etsy shop… that’s why I haven’t done it yet πŸ˜‰

11. What is something about you that would surprise people? Possibly that I was a professional bra fitter the Summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college… I got so good at my job I could size women (and sometimes men) at a glance and began to do it automatically, even when I wasn’t working. Yea, a little weird. It became a game for my friends, sometimes they didn’t like the result.

Here are your 11 questions:
1. Do you believe in soul mates, you know, one right person for everyone?
2. What is your ideal place to vacation (you can pick a place you’ve never gone)?
3. Where would you like to be in your life next year?
4. How did you and your partner get together?
5. What is your favorite childhood memory?
6. What is your dream career, if you wanted a career?
7. What is your top pet peeve?
8. How do you feel about the outcome of the election?
9. Do you enjoy these surveys?
10. What is the nicest, unexpected thing ever done for you?
11. What is the most appalling social situation you’ve ever witnessed?

Remember this award should go to blogs with under 200 followers and feel free to link back to this blog as well!!

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