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New Mom, New Life Lessons

Hubs took an "artsy" shot of us Friday night.Everyone tells expecting parents their "lives are about to change forever," "a baby changes everything," "you'll never be the same again," "you'll have to find a new normal."Everyone is right. I didn't expect anything else.What Elijah has taught me so far:How to take showers so much fasterGetting… Continue reading New Mom, New Life Lessons

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6 Weeks!

My son is 6 weeks old! Time for a picture and life update: Thursday Baby and I got out to see some work friends. What we wore:Baby - gifted plaid button down, long-sleeve onesie, brown cords, and argyle socksMom (i had to re-read the word "mom" and thought 'wait, when was my mom here?' oh...)/kohls, leggings/ don't… Continue reading 6 Weeks!

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Strange Encounters – Thursdays at the grocery store

I began taking my son with me on small errands when he was 3.5 weeks old.  Our first day out just the two of us, we go to the local grocery store. I know putting your baby in a sling attracts some attention, but this was ridiculous. As I'm getting Elijah out of the carseat,… Continue reading Strange Encounters – Thursdays at the grocery store

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Flashback Friday!! just kidding

I used to see "Flashback Friday" posts all the time, now I can't find anyone with whom to link.If I would have linked up today, I would have used this picture: And I would have said:This is a recent flashback to when Elijah was almost two weeks old, in fact, he was 11 days old in… Continue reading Flashback Friday!! just kidding

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Wordless Wednesday – Baby Monkeys

 Monkey bouncer, monkey pj's, monkey receiving blanket....Most of baby's toys resemble monkeys in some way... Are we over-doing the monkey-theme?? ;-)Linking With:" target="_blank">"/>>    href=""> border="0"    src=""  />

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1 MONTH today!

Elijah seems to grow and change every time I look at him. All of a sudden we are here, one month after his birth-day.Accomplishments:Holding his head up for a few seconds spontaneously"Stepping out" (term referring to putting his legs out strait and balancing his weight on his feet)Eyes focusing briefly on objects, and especially our… Continue reading 1 MONTH today!