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Baby Gear!!

We’re so excited about some of the pieces we have for Baby Bear! David of course, always goes to work right away whenever a new item comes in the mail. We cannot wait to use this AWESOME stroller!

We chose the Baby Jogger City Micro. Jogging strollers seemed more versatile, better for activity, and this particular line is light-weight, has forever-air tires, one hand collapse, and one hand steering!
So far it seems to be a success! I can easily collapse it, and throw it in the back of the trunk while on the phone or holding large bags, unassisted. Oh, and Elijah likes it too 😉
I really want to be a baby-wearer! Originally we had a sling from 7 slings. I followed all the care instructions, and still the thing shrunk down to the size of a baby doll sling! I was mortified. Then I went to for sling recommendations and found the Baby K’Tan. I’m stoked with the possibilities! you can find it on, and, and read the babble review here!
Obviously cloth diapers get a bad wrap for many reasons: alot of care, less convenient, just gross. My husband was super-hard to convince when it came to giving the cloth diaper route a try. I really want to save money wherever I can, and just thinking about how much diapers cost and how long baby would wear diapers, just floored me. We heard about Sunbaby diapers from a friend, and saw that these diapers could grow with baby. Hubby let me buy a small order, and now we’re both hooked! Definitely durable, comfortable material, and really not a lot of up-keep. Once the diaper is soiled, we just put it in the laundry room until there are enough for a load, throw them in the washer, inserts out, set to stain wash, and they come out good as new! Plus they come in WAY CUTE patterns!!! Check’em out!
The other items we could not do without:
Whenever Elijah falls asleep after eating and I need to do dishes or just pee, I can slip baby into this swing and he’s content almost until the next feeding, unless he has a dirty diaper!
We love this whole set, but the rocking seat has been such a blessing lately! He prefers sleeping in that right now, the vibrating motion seems to really keep him calm through the night so I can try for some zzz’s in between feedings 🙂
Hope this gear guide helps!

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