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Elijah at 1 week!

I got the idea to do this one week post-pardom shot from her. I’m just glad I had a one week before delivery shot!

One week from our pumpkin patch experience, I got my little pumpkin!
Definitely better out than in! Love this little guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Us so far
Me: 20 lbs lighter from last pre-natal appointment (the day labor started)
Sleeping – in between feedings as able
Strength – building every day
Recovery – better than I imagined
Elijah: Nursing better every day
More adorable every day
discovering new sounds he can make every day
discovering use of limbs
beginning to see us a little better
getting brown eyes
pretty sure he’s gaining weight!
trying cloth diapers for the first time today
David: being super-dad everyday!

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