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Thank God for Husbands!

From our first Christmas as Husband and Wife
Today at work I had my mental to do list running double time. I had unusual energy and wanted to make use of the time. Thinking about bringing our son home one day inspired me to want to vacuum his room yet again, vacuum our room and bathroom, and make sure clothes were put away; vacuum stairs, dust ceiling fans and tv center; vacuum living room, kitchen and downstairs bathroom. Without David, I doubt I would have been as successful at accomplishing my list plus some extras.
Hubby was up when I got home, playing his game per usual. We talked about my afternoon at work and then I explained my intentions for the evening. He wasn’t sure he wanted me vacuuming the stairs on my own. He sweetly carried up the vacuum for me so I could start on the floors. I carried the already folded laundry up behind him. While I vacuumed the rooms and landing upstairs he finished up his game. When it was time to do the stairs he held the vacuum while I swept. Yay teamwork!
While doing the stairs his sister showed up with our last present from his family, a baby quilt from our registry. She leaves, I finish the stairs and I notice him starting a new game. I asked the obvious, “Are you starting a new game?” Thinly veiled disbelief in my voice. He cautiously said “no,” as he turned off the PlayStation and tv. I told him it was fine though I wasn’t fine with it, and began my next task.
Without saying anything he began unloading the dishwasher I had finished filling and running this morning. My heart melted. I was about to begin dusting but he thought it might be a bad idea for me to climb on chairs to clean the ceiling fans, so he stopped what he was doing, said I could finish the dishwasher while he dusted. By the time I finished unloading dishes, he was back and took over again. I got to dust the tv center and begin sweeping the living room.
When I moved into the kitchen he was already taking out trash. I thought it an appropriate moment to tell him what a good job he had done on the kitchen and give him a longer hug and kiss so he knew I was in the moment and appreciating him (when I first came home I breezed past him into the kitchen on a mission and he followed me asking why I hadn’t given him his kiss when he stood up to greet me. I hadn’t even noticed 😦 ).
Long story, I know. I just really appreciate the help. We got everything cleaned up and I was able to start dinner by 6:30pm. We were able to watch Bones together before he went back to nap before work. I took a shower and then busied about tidying up the kitchen, getting another load out of the dryer to add to my load already waiting to be folded, and got another load in the washer.
In this moment I am at peace and full of thanks. I love seeing clean floors, dusted surfaces, a basket full of clean folded clothes, and knowing everything is in it’s place and ready for the baby because hubby helped me make it so.
I’m married to a very good man. He told me as I tucked him in for his nap “I love you dude.” (we say dude, man, buddy and stuff like that 😉 ) I like to ask “why” for fun. He said “because you’re my life partner, you’re my wife, you’re good to me.” Well he is good to me too. When I thanked him again for all his help he said “I could tell you didn’t want me to play game anymore.” I felt a moment’s guilt and said “I did feel sad when you were going to play more when I had a lot to get done. But I don’t want to be the wife who demands and doesn’t let you relax.” He said he knew that and I handled the situation well and he was happy to help. *sigh* ahhh… I love him! 🙂
Ok, maybe too much mush for readers, I just had to let it out. This is a good moment!

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