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Pumpkin Patch Kids

This Saturday we just had a day for fun and pictures! David is loving using our new camera and we are capturing the last few weeks of our baby as a bump in Mama’s belly 🙂
*Side note, today a little girl at the church potluck was sitting on a friend’s lap beside me. She poked my belly and asked in a sweet little voice “is there a baby in there?” So cute!

We’re somewhere between 38 and 39 weeks. I happened to see my midwife’s chart on Friday and saw they are going with a different date then they gave me over the phone, a later date. That’s cool. More opportunity for baby to come on his own before the pressure of inducing starts. So, as fate smiled upon us this weekend, it was the kick off of Pumpkin Fest! Just when Baby Bear hits pumpkin-size!


*What I wore: cardi/old navy; cami/; maternity jeans/indigo blue from Motherhood; flats/Walmart

Pumpkin artist 

 Hubby found a friend in the apple barn! 🙂

Attempting to slide the baby out 😉 
Ineffective, obviously! 

Next idea, curb-walking. Suggestion given by 4 people. Apparently you can’t make a baby come when he’s not ready. 
 Sliding and walking makes a mama tired. Time for a rest!


My turn with the camera! I LOVE that fall is coming 🙂 Also loving the close-up feature on our camera!
Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend!

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Kids”

  1. We went to Jackson's Sunday with the nieces and fam. Aaron loved the cider slush. You are looking great, hang in there! We watched What to Expect When You're Expecting last night, pretty cute 🙂


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