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Wordless Wednesday – Halloween Edition

3.5 Weeks old and rockin' his first Halloween!linking with:" target="”_blank”">"/>>    href=""> border="0"    src=""  />

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3 Weeks!

My baby is growing so fast. Everyone says that about their kids... wow... I'm someone with a kid.... but really, he is growing fast! He doesn't even look like the baby I brought home. To celebrate, Saturday night  we watched the birth and coming home videos. It has taken this long for me to feel brave enough… Continue reading 3 Weeks!

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Baby Gear!!

We're so excited about some of the pieces we have for Baby Bear! David of course, always goes to work right away whenever a new item comes in the mail. We cannot wait to use this AWESOME stroller!We chose the Baby Jogger City Micro. Jogging strollers seemed more versatile, better for activity, and this particular… Continue reading Baby Gear!!

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Elijah’s Birth Story

Yesterday was awesome! After our early afternoon feeding, I decided Elijah and I needed to get out of the house, a little further than the loop around our apartment. We went to the park where 3 weeks ago, hubs and I were trying to "walk our baby out." I have longed to do this since… Continue reading Elijah’s Birth Story

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Life with Baby First 2 Weeks

My Son turned 2 weeks old Saturday. It's crazy for us! He has changed so much since his birth day. Eyes wide open, face is fuller, he seems longer, I know he's heavier, many funny faces and new sounds every day!Highlights from the first two weeks with Elijah!3 Days Post-pardom, first stroller walk!Waiting for his… Continue reading Life with Baby First 2 Weeks

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Elijah at 1 week!

I got the idea to do this one week post-pardom shot from her. I'm just glad I had a one week before delivery shot! One week from our pumpkin patch experience, I got my little pumpkin! Definitely better out than in! Love this little guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Us so far Me: 20 lbs lighter from last pre-natal appointment (the… Continue reading Elijah at 1 week!

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Elijah Daniel!!!!

Most people who read this blog already know this, but... HE'S HERE!!!Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 6:59PM Elijah Daniel made his grand entrance! 🙂 20 hours of labor which includes latent, first stage, and 2 hours of pushing, and I got to meet this 7lb 15 oz, 20 inch long stud: Full birth story to come! (word of… Continue reading Elijah Daniel!!!!