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This week I have inundated myself with birth literature (Our bodies… pregnancy and birth book), our Pink Kit, birth documentaries (More business of being born… the 4 part series follow up to the original documentary. YOU MUST WATCH THEM BOTH!) And have learned/re-affirmed that everything I’m going through is normal. Slowly its helping me come around to acceptance of how long it can really take to eject a large object from a tiny space. Since 33 weeks I’ve had reoccurring contractions, sometimes more painful stronger than other times, but none that turn into the real deal (obviously). I began hoping/believing those who thought I would go early, and for good reason, I did have preterm labor… Now I have to accept that baby likes his home and I can trust God and the child to pick the birthday.
Any way, what I’ve learned: before you ever get to the first stage of labor, you can go through this sort of inactive phase of labor for days and weeks. So, all these tuggings, pelvis pain, back pain, and other dis-comfortable experiences my body is having isn’t necessarily unproductive. My uterus is trying to pull up on my cervix and get it effaced. Will it be successful? We have yet to see, but we can hope!
Hope and acceptance is my main mantra right now.
Last night I had the undeniable urge to walk. Hubby was very sweet and we spent two hours walking a track at a park. Frequently I would have to stop and squat or get into some other pelvic-relaxing pose to work through some contractions. I appreciate the practice we’re getting, but it is a let down when we still haven’t met our baby. It’s also tiring. I’m hearing good things about chili and pineapple though, so we’ll see! Next week the due date comes. Will baby?
Friday we see the midwife, maybe she’ll have something useful to tell us!


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