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It’s been quite a while since we did a weekly bump photo! Now that we have a camera again, let’s see where I’m at currently and then do a quick recap on how much we’ve grown in 9.5 months!

SO here we are at all but 38 weeks! Look how we’ve grown! Baby is a low-rida these days. He is still very active, but movements have changed into bigger, slower, longer movements versus the short, fast bursts of earlier weeks. We’re so ready to meet this active little boy! And with all of his clothes washed, folded, and sorted by month, I’m ready to play dress up with my little baby! Papa is ready to love, snuggle, amuse, and see his little boy swinging and bouncing in the cool kid furniture/toys we’ve been given!

 *What I wore… dress/shadeclothing.com; belt/kohls; leggings/motherhood; shoes/walmart

Past Bump Updates

Look familiar?? Love how this dress has been with me from skinny, single days through 9 months of pregnancy!

  Where my bump first made an appearance! I thought I was getting “huge”!

Aww!!!! Shortly after conception, my little sesame seed 🙂
Look how skinny! Such long hair! I kind of miss doing the side braids… ok, and being 135lbs with a flexible torso!

It will all be worth it though… Praise God for babies. Can’t wait til I really know what all that means!!

14 days til “D-Day”! Will I make it? will he make me wait til 10.5 months? If he’s going to make me wait, I think he should come 10/11/12. Anyone have any guess dates for me??

We just enjoyed a lovely cup of homemade hot cocoa! I’ve been so wanting chocolate alllll day! (that’s most days though, pregnancy or not). Baby seemed to enjoy it! Jumping around like a crazy little jumping bean!


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