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Baby Trial Run

So far so exciting this morning. A dear friend from church has helped us alot so far getting ready for our baby. She did everything from lend us her spare bobby and bumbo, to buying us a second hand breast pump! So when I heard she was having trouble finding childcare for this week, I was excited to have the opportunity to help out along with another friend. This morning David and I are watching 9 month old baby boy, who has a very difficult time being separated from mama. First time watching babies since I’ve been super-prego, we’re looking at it as a good taste of what we’ll be living with soon.

Poor little baby just screamed his lungs out for the first hour of being here. He didn’t like his toys, books, or walker. Thankfully, his mama left her stroller here, for a blissful two turns around the neighborhood little boy calmed down and even started to enjoy the toy. As soon as we got him in the living room again he totally freaked out! I think it’s because he remembered that’s where his mama said goodbye.

It was soon time for his nap and thankfully he is good at falling asleep, I think being in his pack n play, and being covered with his blanket is the only thing that has made him feel secure all morning. We’re getting to try out our baby monitor while he sleeps, so all is well now!

Baby cries like that just break my heart, he is just a little young to understand everything will be ok and his mommy will be back for him. *Crossing my fingers* for my friend who is taking the afternoon shift with the little guy!

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