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This week I have inundated myself with birth literature (Our bodies... pregnancy and birth book), our Pink Kit, birth documentaries (More business of being born... the 4 part series follow up to the original documentary. YOU MUST WATCH THEM BOTH!) And have learned/re-affirmed that everything I'm going through is normal. Slowly its helping me come around… Continue reading Progress??

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Pregnancy Tips

Couch Consultation with MirandaWhat has worked, what I would do differently 1-9.5 months, and funny tips you don't need to think about until it happens to you(not in any certain order)1. Pre-natal yoga. Do it! As soon as you feel up to moving around either find practices online, check netflix, borrow from the library or… Continue reading Pregnancy Tips

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It's been quite a while since we did a weekly bump photo! Now that we have a camera again, let's see where I'm at currently and then do a quick recap on how much we've grown in 9.5 months!SO here we are at all but 38 weeks! Look how we've grown! Baby is a low-rida these… Continue reading BUMP PHOTOS!!!

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Baby Showers!

First, let me just tell you how excited I am to be 9 months (37 weeks) pregnant! Baby can come anytime and he'll be just fine ๐Ÿ™‚ according to the he is the size of a watermelon, still gaining an 1/2 ounce everyday, practicing his swallowing, breathing, and sucking his thumb, and making his first… Continue reading Baby Showers!

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Baby Trial Run

So far so exciting this morning. A dear friend from church has helped us alot so far getting ready for our baby. She did everything from lend us her spare bobby and bumbo, to buying us a second hand breast pump! So when I heard she was having trouble finding childcare for this week, I was… Continue reading Baby Trial Run

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Wordless Wednesday

Introducing our 34 Week Maternity Photo Shoot! Photos by our good friend Marissa Mayo linking with:

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To be Pleasing and Acceptable

Continuing from my last post, Thoughts on Job, I wanted to post a few thoughts from Sunday's evening sermon on finding out what is acceptable and pleasing to God. If you look in the Bible at Ephesians 5:10-21 you'll find a convenient list of what God finds acceptable and unacceptable. โ€œand try to discern what… Continue reading To be Pleasing and Acceptable