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A Day of Gifts

This post title and format of this post comes from Tammy T’s post the other day. She happens to be reading the same book I am, but apparently applying it better than me!

I felt pretty down at work yesterday, just tired as usual, just usual prego stuff, moms out there know what I’m feeling. Then I started recognizing gifts:

checking the mail and first, discovering a refund from overpayment on insurance premium that will cover groceries. Then opening a card from a friend we haven’t seen in a while to discover well-wishes, Bible verses, and a gift card to treat ourselves to a date!

At Bible study last night, one I almost didn’t attend because hubby had a few extra hours at home last night, turned out to be a surprise (TOTAL SURPRISE) baby shower! The gifts here were more than baby shower presents, it was the love of Christian young women who barely know me, yet wanted to do something for me and my unborn child. Experiencing this king of welcome to a group and being surrounded with what feels like love with no hesitation, is such a rare occurrence in my life. I don’t have the words to express how my heart overflows with amazement and gratitude.

As I prepared for bed last night, the bathroom was still foggy from my husband’s shower before work, I discovered a finger-scrawled note on the mirror reading “I ❤ my wife!”. Just the best thing to see before tucking myself into bed!

Thank you God for all the beautiful gifts of yesterday!

Surprise Baby Shower pix: (and might I add, if I had known, I would have tried harder with my appearance. no makeup, hair in a ponytail, clothes that say “at least i’m dressed. awesome! thank God His people loved me anyway!)

Ya’ll have NO idea how excited I was to get wipes!

The girls were SO thoughtful with there gifts even down to the packaging 🙂

This was awesome, one friend did the “mommy gift”! Bath stuff, creams, and all manner of goodness just for me!

HOW CUTE is this??? Baby bath toys!!! Little boy has all manner of stuff for bathing and wiping his butt now!
Have an awesome holiday weekend ya’ll!

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