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Baking Disasters

Yesterday when I got home from work I decided it was time to try my hand at bread-making. I love baking, I love bread, I love homemade bread, I’m tired of the store bought texture and overloaded sodium content in bread from the grocery store. I thought I’d be helping my family if I could make some awesome whole wheat break at home. $5 bag of flour that will last a few weeks to a month, or $5/week in grocery store loaf?

Here’s how it went. I get through stage one and come to the first rising stage. Hubby gets up from his midday rest before he goes in for some overtime at work. He wonders if I plan on making supper. I figure I can make dinner in between the different rising stages.

While we wait on the “sponge” to “rest” (taken strait from the recipe lingo), I fire up the chicken. The “sponge” seemed “rested” so I move into the next stage… kneading…. for 12-13 minutes. Half-way through kneading, my contractions kick in. I blame it on lack of water, heated kitchen, heavy-duty kneading.

Once I’m through kneading, I jump back to the chicken, start the couscous, and start the stir fry veggies. Hubby is helping out with whatever he can as needed. Supper fixings complete, we get our plates loaded up, David is a little nervous because my contractions are kind of painful. He fills our biggest drinking container with ice water, helps me with my plate, and we get my feet up.

Shortly after dinner hubby has to leave for work. I rest a little bit longer and dive back into the bread making process. In between the bread rising, punching it down, letting it rise, and waiting for the oven to preheat, I’m resting with my ice water.

Ok, so 5 hours later this is what I end up with:

DSC01419 DSC01422 DSC01423 DSC01441
 A disgustingly deformed excuses for bread in really heavy, thick rock-form…
…And one disaster of a kitchen, sadder also because hubby spent part of the morning cleaning it up for me and making it liveable again. 
Then, 128 ounces of water later, my contractions were under control and I could sleep as peacefully as any woman almost 8 months pregnant sleeps.

2 thoughts on “Baking Disasters”

  1. I want to make homemade bread but have never tried because I figured I'd wind up with a mess. I've never made anything with yeast. I see you were able to cut the bread so I hope you were able to eat it after all that work. Might be better if you stay out of the hot kitchen for a while. 🙂 One Thousand Gifts is different from what I expected — but since I like the message, I will read the whole thing. A few years ago I started "The Happiness Project" but it wasn't written the way I thought it would be so never finished it. Maybe I'll pick it back up again one of these days. Take care. Tammy


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