Thoughts as I get ready for Bed

I’ll start by saying I’m very thankful for the opportunity to go to a ladies Bible Study tonight. My sweet new neighbor (who is less new as the months pass, but I’ll probably always say that like people refer to a new business location still as the “old diner” or “Joe’s place”…) picked me up when she got off work and took me along. The part I’m struggling with… As soon as I walk in the door someone has to say “Wow! You’ve gotten a lot bigger.” great. thanks. as usual. *sigh*

I don’t want to keep being bothered by this. I love how this mom shared a lesson on comparing. Check it out so you know what I’m talking about!

Ok, so there is nothing really to compare in tonight’s situation, really there’s not and I know it. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and she is a fashionable, petite, young married who isn’t really ready to be pregnant. I’m supposed to look pregnant. My baby is the size of a PINEAPPLE for crying out loud… a PINEAPPLE in MY BELLY! Ok. And pregnancy is beautiful. It is. Really. I love in my one prego book a quote from a mom said “I was the most confident after I got pregnant. My belly got huge and so did my butt, I didn’t care I just felt beautiful.” Go her. She rocks! I think yesterday I had even decided I didn’t care how pregnant I looked, I felt beautiful. I loved knowing I’m growing my son. No one else will ever carry this little boy, just me. God picked me to be his mommy. God chose David and I to make this child and he’s growing in me and it just expands the body for this one special purpose. Deal with it! Even this morning, at the doctor with David, both receptionists made a fuss over me being cute pregnant and my “cute little baby belly.” Read that again. “little”. Ok. almost done. I loved this discussion over here on confidence post-pardom (go to the July 10 post “Hanging Naked from a Squatting Bar”).

Ok, so after all that, I’m letting all the innocent comments (I’m choosing to believe the comments are all innocent) go and just breathing in appreciation for this special time in my life, releasing the negative feelings as I exhale. Ahhhhh thank you yoga and directed breathing classes ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Friday Ya’ll!


4 thoughts on “Thoughts as I get ready for Bed”

  1. I have always found it sad that skinny women who seem to enjoy talking about how "big" pregnant women are. I've been a large women since I started birth control before Jackson. In 6 months I gained 100 pounds, and no one seems to believe me about it. I gained EVERYWHERE especially in my bust. I've been self conscious about my weight especially during pregnancy. I usually only gain 25 pounds and will lose more than that after the baby is born. This pregnancy I'm even more conscious of what I eat and drink. I'm avoiding empty calories and drinking LOTS of water. Miranda you look beautiful. You are a glowing pregnant mommy. There is nothing to be ashamed of. When someone says something about you getting bigger, say, "Isn't it wonderful that this life is growing inside me?" or something like, "I'm so glad I have this excuse to eat whatever I want and gain a little weight." These must be said with a smile. I've found that a little positive sarcasm never hurt anyone. I don't hear those things. I hear, "Wow you certainly don't look pregnant." I honestly think that most people don't think before they speak. If they realized that what they said hurts other people and realize how it would feel if someone said it to them, they may not say it. Then again, who knows. Love you, beautiful girl.


  2. Hey Samantha! You are so sweet and so right! I appreciate what you have to say. I will keep your "positive sarcasm" in mind! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for taking time out from all you have going on to encourage me. You're a great example!


  3. Girl, you don't even know what "big" is! I definitely feel your pain though, it was soo frustrating to hear that all throughout my pregnancy. The worst part was that I work in L & D, so it was really unfortunate when I was taking care of women giving birth who were smaller than me! I found that just replying, "Really? That's original!" to people when they told me how big I was usually did the trick. :)Hang in there, I'm sure you look beautiful!!


  4. Thanks for stopping by and being so sweet! Wow, I couldn't imagine doing your job while prego… that could get interesting.Btw I've already told your story of bathing your baby boy to hubby and one of my good friends… They cracked up as much as I did!


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