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August Already? Really??

WOW! So I am 31 weeks pregnant, this kid could come in 7-11 weeks. WHOA! It’s getting exciting πŸ™‚ This weekend hubs and I had a chance to hit some consignment stores where we found some cute baby room accents and a little fleece camo outfit! I LOVE how baby’s room is looking! I’ll have to get some updated pix of the nursery!

Some randomness first:
1. Something I really hate about myself – I cannot tell a short story. I seem incapable of leaving out minute details.
2. Lately, for several months, I’ve found myself getting stuck in negative mode. I have no reason to give a negative spin to my conversation. Everything is great. I really have nothing but wonderful things to say about my husband and the baby coming, but I catch this tone in my voice, this rough edge to my conversation… I don’t get it. Finally last night I started praying about it, hopefully I will start controlling it now.

Humorous things David has said:
*Walking by a Forever 21 I was admiring how pretty their clothes looked for the coming fall. He says “Yea, too bad they’re made for skinny people.” OOOooohh the look I gave him! I haven’t let him alone about it since, even though he explained he was looking at the guy manikin and how skinny it looked and he was thinking he didn’t look like that. Ok honey. Sure. πŸ˜‰
*After watching Olympics for a while Saturday, I commented that I was inspired to get into running post-pregnancy. I have visions of jogging with my baby in his jogging stroller (that we will hopefully be getting before he’s born!). David says to me “You could start by running to the stove”. Nice. The most chauvinistic thing he’s ever said! He had a mischievous smirk on his face, but wow! I was shocked!

Ok, that’s all folks!

Yesterday Meredith and Jesse were married! I’m so excited. All day I thought of them and prayed for them. Its so wonderful when two God-fearing, loving people find each other and just can’t wait to start serving God together.

Last week we had an unexpected early visit to the midwife clinic. I wasn’t worried or scared about anything but I had noticed a few things that I decided might be worth mentioning to the office. They said to go ahead and come in for a check up. I felt like it might be pointless to begin with, and definitely after we went did I feel frustration and anger for how the appointment went. I hadn’t slept well for a few days, parts of me were hurting I suppose from baby stretching out and his movements have changed some, and I’ve been getting a few more “practice contractions” that actually hurt. So feeling like that, David even through his own exhaustion from overtime at a physically challenging job, had compassion on me and wanted to cheer me up and make the most of our day. He is so good at taking care of me. I love how it was so important to him that while we had the chance, he wanted to spend time together doing something. He kept saying “We don’t get a lot of time together to go out and do anything, lets make a day of it.” I love that he was sensitive to our lack of “going-out” time together. So even though I would have loved nothing more than crawling in bed and sleeping the weekend away, and I’m sure on some level he would have to, since he took the weekend off and made a point to say it was for us, I rallied for my hubby who was rallying for me πŸ™‚

Our weekend:

He brought me flowers πŸ™‚ These were such bright, pretty daisies! They really reminded me of Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail” saying “Daisies are a friendly flower”, they just look happy! I love how happy David looks when he gives them to me and hears me express appreciation for their prettiness.

My first experience at a Johnny Rockets. David really wanted us to have that “old diner” experience.

We took turns picking out old rock ‘n roll and classic country tunes.

Maybe not an old fashioned favorite, sweet potato fries!!!

MMMMmmmm!! Double chocolate malt!

To share!

You know how we love our burgers! I went with the classic and subbed in the “special sauce”!

For the first time in weeks we skipped Farmer’s market! We were way too exhausted. It was exciting to sleep in and laze around the house. As aforementioned, when we finally got around, we hit consignment stores! I loved it! We got paid from 2 places I had previously dropped off some things, which funded the rest of our day! Baby stuff and groceries πŸ™‚ Hopefully I get another check from my fav consignment store in town and I can get some supplies to finish gifts for people. I love participating in a small way in the small business exchange!
We decided on cooking a Mexican feast after all our running around. So fun! 
My first time making Mexican rice!!! I love that it actually turned out! My new pal Candace pointed me in the right direction, and I went from there. It was most gratifying that hubby was actually pleased and impressed with the rice! So here are my tips:
Rice cooker so you eliminate mistakes (unless you’re a master rice chef!)
I used brown rice so 1 part rice, 2 parts water
Olive oil in a huge skillet, about an inch worth
Add rice, some garlic powder and black pepper
Apprx. 1 TBS tomato paste, water to equal about 2 TBS total mixture
Stir tomato mixture into rice
Add about 2 pinches of sea salt
Add cilantro at end, dried or fresh (i had dried on hand)

YAY! Multi-grain tortilla, only 160 mg sodium… lowest I could find in the store
I load my tacos/burritos with rice, meat, refried beans, cheese, sauteed red peppers, fresh onion, lettuce, tomato, sour cream! Soooo delicious!
It was a very nice weekend with my hubs. Sunday we ate leftovers and then slept the afternoon away until it was time to go back to church. Church was awesome, we really got to meet a lot more new people, I may have met a new walking buddy! Mother of 2 yr old twins and has one on the way, WOW! I could learn some things from her I’m sure πŸ™‚
Monday was such a blessing… Sunday night after David went to bed I got into a stressed, down phase and decided to yoga, then read a couple chapters out of devotional books and read the passages along with the lessons. I turned on Pandora to have study music. SO amazing!!! Laura Story “Mighty to Save” was the first song in the set. That is my ULTIMATE go-to heart jump-start song! The tone of my evening was totally changed. I was able to open myself up to God and just talk to Him about everything that had begun to weigh on my mind. So Monday morning when I woke up I was trying to hang onto everything positive God had shown me the night before. David was part of that. On his own, he began to clean our room, I went up and joined him and he told me he was going to dishes that day and fold laundry. What a sweetie! Because of his willingness to help me after his long night of work, I was encouraged to work on the nursery and meet some other goals I had. He stayed right there with me helping and encouraging me. So much to be thankful for!

Dinner after work last night! A new fav!!! I picked up mandarin chicken in the organic freezer section, little did I know it was meatless. It still turned out great! I sauteed it in sesame seed oil for a richer, nuttier, more Asian flavor. I used a whole romaine heart for the salad base, chopped raw almonds in the food processor, added sunmaid dried cranberries ( the least amount of sugar in dried cranberries I could find in the store), layered the “chicken” on top, and made my own dressing out of sesame seed oil, rice vinegar, a touch of light soy sauce, and sesame seeds! YUMMY! Hubby even liked the chicken and now I have a new meal idea for us: this “chicken” with rice, onions, mandarin oranges, and making our own egg rolls. It will be a date night in with “take out” made healthy, Chinese!
Have a great week ya’ll!

1 thought on “August Already? Really??”

  1. The emotional flux is part of pregnancy. For me it has a lot to do with lack of sleep. When I'm really tired I have more trouble finding the good in things. Burying yourself in God and His word with life giving music is the perfect thing to do. You are doing great and look amazing.


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