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A Day of Gifts

This post title and format of this post comes from Tammy T's post the other day. She happens to be reading the same book I am, but apparently applying it better than me!I felt pretty down at work yesterday, just tired as usual, just usual prego stuff, moms out there know what I'm feeling. Then… Continue reading A Day of Gifts

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Baking Disasters

Yesterday when I got home from work I decided it was time to try my hand at bread-making. I love baking, I love bread, I love homemade bread, I'm tired of the store bought texture and overloaded sodium content in bread from the grocery store. I thought I'd be helping my family if I could make… Continue reading Baking Disasters

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My Week of the Unexpected

You may have noticed how quiet it's been around here for a few days. Remember how tired and sore I felt Monday? It didn't stop there.Tuesday night I decided there were several things I could get done while hubby was taking a nap before work. About 9:20 when I was settling down, I began having… Continue reading My Week of the Unexpected

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Sometimes you just have to give in…

Almost every day I have a lengthy mental to-do list, who doesn't?Today didn't go exactly as I thought it would. This morning I thought I would get dishes done, work on my writing, do laundry, put clean laundry from a couple weeks ago away, and maybe start a craft project, take a walk, do yoga.… Continue reading Sometimes you just have to give in…

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Something to think about

Who is God? What is God? These can be common questions. A few answers go like this:Creator of the UniverseA Spiritual BeingMythical CreatureA MysteryWe just don't knowAs a Christian, I feel like I should have a good answer, but often I feel what I would say is inadequate.Last night in the Bible study I attended… Continue reading Something to think about


Thoughts as I get ready for Bed

I'll start by saying I'm very thankful for the opportunity to go to a ladies Bible Study tonight. My sweet new neighbor (who is less new as the months pass, but I'll probably always say that like people refer to a new business location still as the "old diner" or "Joe's place"...) picked me up… Continue reading Thoughts as I get ready for Bed

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August Already? Really??

WOW! So I am 31 weeks pregnant, this kid could come in 7-11 weeks. WHOA! It's getting exciting 🙂 This weekend hubs and I had a chance to hit some consignment stores where we found some cute baby room accents and a little fleece camo outfit! I LOVE how baby's room is looking! I'll have… Continue reading August Already? Really??