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A little bit of Random

We all need some random sometimes, right? This is mostly a picture post, not in any specific order 🙂

More yummy variations with couscous. Farm fresh cherry toms and zucchini, farm fresh beef, and goat cheese! I was SO FULL after all these delicious ingredients and flavors entered my body 🙂
So hubs really fell for mocha frappes, especially with cookie crumbles… Ever since we’ve been on the search for other options to see what is the best… BK LOST! BIG. Little to no flavor, hardly any whipped cream, and what’s with the chocolate turd topper??? He was a good sport, better than me, and drank it… but seriously, EWW. He did fall hard for the new oreo coolata however at Dunkin.
YAY! He finally got a grill 🙂 It was fun watching him do his manly thing of assembling all the parts.
Then getting the fire going.
Love watchin my man work the burgers 😉
And I always find it sexy to see my man cooking in the kitchen 😉 he manned the onions, as usual.
This was a fun Sunday afternoon lunch. It had been MONTHS, like since before I got pregnant, that I made a big, traditional Sunday meal. This was fun though! My VERY FIRST roast! Came up with my own marinade of olive oil, lime juice, crushed red pepper flakes, garlic, pepper, salt, maybe some other seasonings, scallions; let all that sit over night in the fridge in a covered dish. Popped it in the crock pot Sunday morning with 8 .oz of water. When we got home from church I did my version of my families go-to Parmesan potatoes, farm fresh squash sauteed, and hubs made the biscuits! My recipe and he made them better than me!!! I was so impressed 🙂 And farm fresh peaches!! (did I already talk about hub’s biscuit skills? sometimes i think about what i want on a post for awhile and then i can’t remember if i already published it or if i was still thinking about it? 😉 )
Our church’s VBS was on “Walking and Talking with Paul.” On the last day they let everyone take a tour of the kid’s classes. The teachers did such an AWESOME, creative job!!!
We took turns posing at the entrance of a class room.
I was a little more reluctant 😉
They even had an interactive Eutychus (Acts 20) falling from the window after Paul had preached all night and the poor guy fell asleep from exhaustion.
And a real jail cell like Paul had to sit in a couple times. All for the work of the Lord!
This picture may not show it well, on the left is a store bought egg… even though it is supposed to be organic and cage free… It is paler and smaller than the farm fresh egg on the left from the farmer’s market. Crazy!
This is my healthy breakfast! I have a funny story. This is a microwaved, banana oat cake. SOO yummy! I got the recipe via and the specific recipe from
The first time I made this I was heading to work early to notarize some dna tests. One lady came in with her daughter and granddaughter and noticed my container of cake slices. She asked if I had brought in brownies. I said “no, this is blueberry oat cake.” She kept staring and asking more questions so I felt obliged to ask “Would you like to try some?” Thinking there is no way a stranger would want to eat someone else’s mid morning snack… I thought wrong. This lady said “PLEASE!” Like she had been sitting there waiting the whole time for me to offer, as if it it was the only decent thing to do. I tried to recover my shock, glanced at the dna collector who tried to avoid my gaze, and I made my over to the lady and extended my dish. SHE.BROKE.OFF.HALF a PIECE! Her hand touched the rest of the pieces and she left the other half just sitting in my dish. Gross-out moment! I don’t know where people’s hands have been. Apparently have the population doesn’t even wash after wiping! Soo… I tried to encourage her to take the rest “Are you sure you don’t want the whole piece? Have another for your daughter” (my appetite is obviously gone, thanks.) She said “Oh no honey, I can see your pregnant, that’s fine!” Awesome.
 This is the oat cake with the half farm fresh eggs and yummy farm fresh cherry toms!
And yea, I’ve started the count down on my calendar at work 🙂 70 days today!
I ran out of couscous. Had to switch to brown rice. I used hubbys rice maker for the first time on my own. It worked out well! Seasoned it with sea salt and lime juice, mixed some chicken up in it with farm fresh squash and cheddar cheese. YUMMY! As long as I didn’t look at the rice or think about the texture, I was good 😉 Seriously, I only like rice on a Chipoltle or Qdoba burrioto… or on a chimichanga or fajita plate at a Mexican restaurant! lol
AAAnnndd lately when hubby thinks I’m cute or something he runs and grabs the camera to take a picture. He’s a sweetie! I am glad he got this outfit though… I was trying one of the popular ideas I’ve seen for re purposing a maxi skirt. The day before I had worn this skirt as a skirt… the waist band was getting a little tight under the belly so I pulled it up over my boobs and wore it the next day as a dress 😉 It needed some work to re-create the waistline, so I belted the cardi. David thinks I look like a princess here… lol!
Skirt/kohls; cardi/Old Navy; skinny belt/Shade Clothing; Headband/gifted; Hoop earrings/Charlotte Ruse
 I cannot neglect to mention how much i LOVE wearing this old pair of hubby’s old basket ball shorts. I get really depressed when they’re in dirty laundry. I’m still rocking my honey moon tank though that says “Just Married.” David thinks it might be inappropriate to wear since I’m so prego… LOL
I got in a creative mood… I’ve been wanting to make sharpie-art mugs like I saw over here: Just get a porcelain mug, sharpies, color like crazy, then bake in the over for 30 mins at 350! Don’t wash in the dishwasher or you’re lose your design!
Hubby patiently modeling his mug for me 😉
That’s about all folks! I cannot believe its Thursday! So glad this week is going faster than last week. Tonight I go look for wedding decor with Mer and maybe some other girls for Mer’s big day (in just about 1 week), tomorrow we attempt to secure a pediatrician for our son, and Saturday I may go hear Mer’s fiance rock a benefit for a crisis pregnancy center. YAY!

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