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Girly Weekend Fun!!!

This weekend was busy, but lost of fun! Its totally obvious I should have daughters at some point! I loved hanging out with my girls, celebrating the coming marriage of a dear friend, and still getting in some fun times with my boo!

 The party started with the hostess, youngest sister of the bachelorette, and last month’s bride, serving us all spaghetti, then presenting her sister with the cake! So yummy!!!

 Meredith go SOOO many pretty things! It was exciting to see how well everyone wanted to take care of her and get some fun things for the honeymoon! Her sister did an AWESOME job with the decorations too! So much fun!

 Had to snap a pic of her opening my present 😉

 Here is the ADORABLE niece of the bride-to-be! Daughter of the middle sister of these beautiful ladies.

 She was living it up with the tissue paper!

 Here she is with her pile of presents, and then from her sister, mother of the adorable baby, got a TRUNK FULL of awesome honey moon garb and goodies 😉

 I SERIOUSLY love this tank!!!! If you can’t see it “What happens in bed stays in bed”

 We played some games which was cool, everyone was really in the mood to just visit though.

 Had to snap a pic of the new little wife in her domesticated surroundings! She has done such an AMAZING job with her apartment! All her awesome wedding decor that I gushed about in a previous post served as absolutely fabulous home decor! Wish you all could see it!

I COULD NOT leave the party without getting a pic with me and the bride-to-be! She is so happy ya’ll! Totally ready to make the huge, but easy step into a life with her husband-to-be! I am gonna miss her living so close 😦

So David works tons of overtime. This weekend I decided he wasn’t allowed to leave! He thought I was being funny and cute so he snapped a pic. See my 28 wk bump poppin out?

Saturday morning after our traditional farmer’s market run and consumption of amazing home baked cinnamon rolls from our “bread lady”, David passed out and I headed to my girl Beth’s for a morning of playing beauty shop!
 All her beautiful cousins needed their glam on for another cousin’s wedding!

 Such sweet little girls!
 LOVED this one’s curls!
The older girls had some fun, mature do’s
 My current boss’s up do for the day. I love how I now have worked for 3 women in this family and I get to meet more of the awesome chicks in this fam all the time!
 Me with the stylish ladies! Thanks little Eliza for blocking my bump 😉
 Beth chilling with her beautiful fam!
 AAAANNNNNDD!!!! Super-exciting! Beth and another friend Bekah are throwing a baby shower for me. Beth let me have some invites to pass out to people in person. I LOVE what she did with them… The little animals, the adorable rhyme… and all the time and love they’re putting into this for us. So blessed to have such an awesome friend!
So last prenatal appointment I was supposed to take the glucose test. I had my miss-givings about it, so the midwives worked with me and said I could test at home for a week. This seemed like a more accurate way to go anyway. There was some drama to begin with as the prescriptions all cost over $100 even with insurance. Thankfully, after praying about it, I got to talk to midwives again and they got a non-prescription kit for $32.90!!! Much easier hit.

So this is was daily life looks like for this week 😉
 All for the good of my baby, its worth it!
FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Its Saturday night and hubby and I get to relax at home together. We decided to fend for ourselves, but we were still cooking together. His Mexican side came out when he made 5 chorizo and egg tacos with chile he made all by himself! I took the veggie rout with my own humus, red bell pepper slices, cherry tomatoes (both from farmer’s market) and pita chips I made myself.
A yummy, fun night with hubs as usual!
Have a great week ya’ll!!!

1 thought on “Girly Weekend Fun!!!”

  1. So happy for Meredith, such a sweetie I'm blessed to have met!Blood picture – ewww couldn't do that to myself. Yes I'm a big baby when it comes to blood.I totally want Eliza's hair and that 'do. We had so much chaotic fun and I couldn't have done it without you. The girls love you too!Can't wait for the shower!


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