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We Will Glorify the King of Kings!!

This is one of my favorite praise songs!!!

We will glorify the King of kings
We will glorify the Lamb
We will glorify the Lord of lords
Who is the great I Am
He is Lord of heaven Lord of earth
He is Lord of all who live
He is Lord above the universe
All praise to Him we give
Hallelujah to the King of kings
Hallelujah to the Lamb
Hallelujah to the Lord of lords
Who is the great I am
I’ve been struck by the continual focus on glorifying God in the circles I enter lately. From the sermons to Bible studies, Bible class, and even personal discussions with friends. I love this thought presented to me lately about one of the main purposes of marriage is to glorify God. What a beautiful, and certainly accurate thought. God describes the marriage relationship as one like Christ is to the church. Christ is the head, the church is His bride. Christ lay down His life for the Church, the Church is to honor and serve Him, Christ demonstrated his leadership through serving His people.
A dear friend of mine is getting married in less than a month. Her sister is throwing a shower for her tonight. Instead of a card, I got her a little notebook to fill with some thoughts I’ve had about marriage in the last year and two months. I didn’t want to overwhelm her with too much personal info, I didn’t want to over-tell her anything she might already have figured out, but I did want to encourage and build her up, fill her mind with the happy exciting thoughts about marriage. Since this friend doesn’t read this blog, I’ll share here what I wrote:
“Without my saying so – you know you’re about to enter a beautiful life journey! This is such a wonderful time of life; to enjoy being engaged, that the one you love loves you back and has chosen you for his bride! I pray this will be a wonderfully enjoyable season for you!
As women we have the wonderful, God-designed gift to live out our full potential as nurturers, care givers to those we love, and serve our spouse when the time comes and we’re chosen and then we choose them back!
(skipping some stuff) Specific thoughts:
1. Marriage is one of the first, and best illustrations we have of how our relationship with God should look. What right have we to demand our husbands spend quality time with us and praise us, then hold it against them when they don’t; when God is so patient and merciful with us when we don’t show as much consideration to Him?
2. A Godly marriage is one that glorifies God. Our marriage is the biggest, greatest part of our lives in which we have the opportunity to demonstrate and live out our Christian walk.
3. Your love for one another can grow deeper and more exciting every day if you each make the effort and choose to invest in one another.
4. Despite what some even in the church will say (I’ve even heard this very thought recently) sex is not the greatest (as in biggest) part of marriage, it is an exciting, wonderful, beautiful part of marriage, but as our premarital counselors so wonderfully put it – “You have to work to continually find things in common, things you enjoy about one another, things that make you fall in love with one another; because there will come a time when one or both of you is unable to fill that role and you’re going to need something stronger than sex to keep you together, and happily!”
5. On the note of sex, you may well know, not everyone gets a physically flawless first, or first several times. The beauty of this is you have each other, you’re married, you’re in love, you can figure this out together! You have the rest of your lives to figure each other out and grow into each other’s perfect lover! Keep patience, humor, and love alive!
6. I believe you already have this mindset, however I’ll share any way – Romance does not need to mean the perfect candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant, it can be any purposeful, set aside moment, or activity shared where its just the two of you enjoying each other away from distractions. There has been a time when I had a specific hope/wish for something from  David and it wasn’t quite turning out for us, however when I realized how hard he was trying, I decided to give a silent prayer to God asking for a heart to love my husband, enjoy his efforts, and show him appreciation. It was one of our most romantic and fun times together!
7. Seven, the holy number! I think I’ll end on this one πŸ˜‰
It’s amazing what prayer can do for your relationship! Pray together, pray on your own. Pray for specific areas in your relationship, pray for others, pray for your future life decisions together. Opening yourself up to reflection in prayer opens you up to see what God does in your own life and the lives of others. Its such an amazing experience; it makes you a better, stronger spouse, and a better, stronger Christian! David and I both have been at times overwhelmed by how much God has done over the months, and even sometimes very quickly. Just Pray!
Ok… there is one more, but we’ll just call it a bonus!!
*** David and I have both thought this a very important truth to remember: Ultimately, God judges you for your individual walk with Him. What this means in marriage – You are each given a God-designed, and God-defined role; one as a husband and one as a wife. Regardless of what (your husband’s name here) is doing in his role, regardless of what you’re doing in your role, you’re each still responsible for fulfilling your roles to the other in the sight of God!!
(Ended on personal congratulatory comments)”
And now: Pictures of some “life lately” πŸ˜‰
Just had to let you know… My innie is now definitely an outie πŸ˜‰

 On the 4th of July (was that really 2.5 weeks ago???) David had worked a 12 the night before. I decided I wanted to do something fun in the morning while he slept. Fortunately I had some girlfriends who were also free! We headed to panera then TJ Maxx, then did some thrifting! This is what I wore: non-maternity top/Charlotte ruse; brown bangle/Charlotte ruse; yellow bracelet/Dots; maternity shorts/Motherhood
I love that I can still wear clothes I bought when I was 20, even though my body is radically different 5 years later with the whole marriage and pregnancy and not working out like a body-obsessed 20-something… πŸ˜‰

When I got home from girl-time, David and I got ready to go! He looks so handsome! I thought we needed some updated prego-pix together, and it was a holiday! What he wore: button down/tony hawk line at Kohls; denim/urban pipeline at Kohls; sneaks/Osiris from a shoe discount store
What I wore: dress/thrifted that day! Bracelet/gifted from friend from a World Market

 David wanted the serious picture first, I was ready for a nice picture so he made a goofy face! For our last picture he said he would be nice and smile, but I decided it was my turn to be goofy! Who loves how my complexion glows like casper??? Especially in a white dress! I just love white sun dresses though… πŸ™‚

Before Bible study we wanted to grab dinner. I had my palette set for some yummy Mexican food from this place he took me to last 4th, however, this time they happened to be closed 😦 We must have gone on the third last year. We ended up at a Logan’s which neither of us particularly care for, but we were short on time. I do like a good burger any way, and sweet potato fries are YUM YUM!!!

AWWW My handsome hubby! I love him!

 I don’t know what it is about pix like this but I get so embarrassed/shy when David decides its my turn…

We FINALLY got to see fireworks, TOGETHER!!!! I had always wanted to watch fireworks with someone I was in love with, it had never happened before. I LOVE fireworks and had not even seen them on my own since 2010. Last year we picked spending time with friends over fireworks, but this year we made it! Even if we did end up in a random parking lot directly behind a telephone pole πŸ˜‰ This is only my 3rd year since I was 16 that I had been off for 4th of July. Every year from 16 to 21 I always worked on the holiday 😦 NO more though!

This is after I assembled the play mat… It is finished now, and I made a baby hat to match with the leftover yarn. I’ll get those pix another time πŸ˜‰
 These are the latest books I’ve added to my son’s curriculum! I love how Sams Club actually has so many academic resources! And BOB books!!!! I learned to read with BOB books!!!
This is your update! Have a wonderful weekend!!! OH I’M SOOO glad its the weekend!!!

2 thoughts on “We Will Glorify the King of Kings!!”

  1. My high school gym teacher of all people always harped on this dating tip: 'never date someone you wouldn't marry. Why waste your time? Isn't that the ultimate point of being in a relationship?' So I practice treating my bf as if he were my husband. I usually forgive easily but today I woke up and decided I just am not over the previous day's events yet. Having this thought and at the same time praying to get over it and forgive him. Then I read the #1 in this post and that's just what I needed to hear. Thank you!


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