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Last Week

I had so much fun! I was very fortunate to have a super-active week 🙂 I got to walk a couple times with friends, go hiking with hubby befor work one morning, do yoga with a friend, and go swimming twice with two different friends! Thankfully, my body is up to this kind of activity right now. I cannot believe I only have two weeks left of my second trimester! Where has the time gone??

Saturday was productive and fun! I made it to all three farmer’s markets before 10AM! It’s amazing how much is available when you get there early! The produce was beautiful, there were flowers, and even a good meat and bread selection! I LOVE farmer’s markets! After going to market, went swimming with some girls then headed home for a quick lunch and hubby and I spent the afternoon together. We picked up some staples from the grocery, looked at some baby stuff and ended up with more books for our son’s curriculum! I know… we might be crazy… but how do I know what books will be available and for how much by the time we’re ready to start teaching Baby Bear?

 A sample of some of the lovely fruit purchased at farmer’s market!
 Hubby and I made pizza for dinner Saturday night! Whole wheat, BBQ chicken and pineapple pizza!

Bake it with a “G” for hubby and me!

 I’m Pregnant and not ashamed! I was hungry ya’ll!!


To make crust: 1 1/2 cup warm water, 1 packet/ 1 TBS yeast, let yeast mixture sit and begin to bubble for 5 min (unless you have yeast that you’re supposed to keep away from direct liquids and salt, then just mix with flour)
3 Cups flour, 1 tsp salt (i also throw in a pinch of sugar to help the yeast along)
Add yeast mixture to flour, gently mix
Dump dough into oiled bowl, cover with light towel for 30 min
After dough has risen, pinch/fold/dimple… just don’t over work!
I like to spread a tiny bit of oil over the crust, sprinkle a little garlic powder and then pre-bake for 3-5 mins then add the toppings! Bake at 400 till done!
Let me tell you what’s going on here… After such an involved day my feet were IN PAIN!!!! Swollen, red, OUCHY!!! I had the idea to have hubby wet and freeze my socks. They clanged when he tapped them together. He called them sock-sickles.

Well, I needed relief, I put them on… it was a painful experience…. they (socks) were SERIOUSLY FROZEN!

Once i got the socks on though… baby that was relief!! The swelling really did go down and my feet felt better. I will be doing this again! I just wish I knew if there were some kind of gel socks somewhere??
I’m stoked about July 4th! Hubby and I both have off today and tomorrow! Tonight we’re doing dinner, church, then fireworks!! Tomorrow we’re hiking and maybe canoeing/swimming/ anything else fun we can find to do!!!
Hope everyone has a super-awesome 4th with family and friends!!!

2 thoughts on “Last Week”

  1. Hi Miranda, you are doing a great thing by continuing to be active and eat healthy while you are pregnant. I made the mistake with my first pregnancy of listening to everyone here tell me to eat, eat, eat — I gained 21 kilos. And boy did I have swollen ankles. Three years late with my second son, I had learned my lesson and only gained about 14 kilos with him. I sure do miss going to farmer's markets. We just got back from Sri Lanka where there was fresh fruit available everywhere we went. 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy


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