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A little bit of Random

We all need some random sometimes, right? This is mostly a picture post, not in any specific order 🙂 More yummy variations with couscous. Farm fresh cherry toms and zucchini, farm fresh beef, and goat cheese! I was SO FULL after all these delicious ingredients and flavors entered my body 🙂 So hubs really fell… Continue reading A little bit of Random

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Girly Weekend Fun!!!

This weekend was busy, but lost of fun! Its totally obvious I should have daughters at some point! I loved hanging out with my girls, celebrating the coming marriage of a dear friend, and still getting in some fun times with my boo! The party started with the hostess, youngest sister of the bachelorette, and last… Continue reading Girly Weekend Fun!!!

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We Will Glorify the King of Kings!!

This is one of my favorite praise songs!!!We will glorify the King of kings We will glorify the Lamb We will glorify the Lord of lords Who is the great I Am He is Lord of heaven Lord of earth He is Lord of all who live He is Lord above the universe All praise… Continue reading We Will Glorify the King of Kings!!

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Reflections on Hubby and Our Marriage

There are several other posts I've thought of doing, and a few updates which would be fun to do, however this post has stayed on my mind for awhile. I need to give this man some props and let out some repressed thoughts from the marriage and family class at church :-)I love this shot… Continue reading Reflections on Hubby and Our Marriage

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Last Week

I had so much fun! I was very fortunate to have a super-active week 🙂 I got to walk a couple times with friends, go hiking with hubby befor work one morning, do yoga with a friend, and go swimming twice with two different friends! Thankfully, my body is up to this kind of activity… Continue reading Last Week