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Pregnancy Lately

**Last prenatal appointment. What I wore: maternity tank/motherhood; maternity dress-shorts/motherhood; watch/gifted-hubbyUGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, its true. Hate to say it, but its true. I really want to stay positive, and for a few weeks there after the yucky stuff with 1st trimester passed, I was. There was a time in the first few weeks of pregnancy, after… Continue reading Pregnancy Lately

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Weekend Fun!

To kick off the weekend, I went to a ladies' retreat with a friend. We had a blast! The topic was on "Loving Well" and before we got into the nitty gritty, they had a silly ice breaker for us!Each group had 5 minutes to put a fashion show-worthy paper towel dress on their designated… Continue reading Weekend Fun!

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20 week update and more!

We have stayed pretty busy the last week or so. David has worked tons of overtime, I've tried to keep up with the house, cook healthy meals, and get in some physical activity around my new part time schedule. We've enjoyed another prenatal appointment and ultrasound since the last post, celebrated Memorial Day, and went back to… Continue reading 20 week update and more!