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Reflections on becoming "Mommy"

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We so enjoyed our 21 week ultrasound (that should have been 20 weeks, but scheduling, you know ;-))
We were amazed at how much more our son had developed in just 5 weeks!!! We think he has the cutest little profile! I mean, look at that NOSE!!! And his tiny, perfect, TOES!!! I get choked up at ultrasounds, is it just me?
A couple days ago hubby and I went into a christian bookstore. He was hoping to find some helpful materials for a guy at work, I was hoping to get a song book so anytime I want to sing to my son if I’m forgetting the words, I can just look up the song. I also wanted an uplifting praise/worship CD with as many of our favorites recorded as possible. Now that baby is hearing pretty well and responding in his little baby-in-utero way, I want him to be surrounded by positive, spiritual influences; whether we’re in the car, I’m at work, whenever, wherever!
So while we’re doing all of that, I wander past the relationship/parenting/how-to-talk-to-your-kids-about-sex section. So many books I’ve always wanted in my personal library were there. I was hoping to have these books on hand for when I had children. Titles such as “When God Writes Your Love Story,” Eric & Leslie Ludy; “Secret Keeper Girl,” Dannah Gresh; and I noticed a host of new books you can do as a study with your kids at age appropriate times. Afterwards I realized, the conversations I picture in my head I’m picturing having with a daughter! All of a sudden it hit me again, I’m having a SON!!! Oh my goodness, IM HAVING A SON!!!! It struck me harder in this moment than before because of the marriage class David and I have been attending at church and the conversation David shared with me he had at work, telling a guy he had to be the guy his daughter looked at for who she would look for in a mate, now. I realized, I’m the first girl my son will really know. I have to be the example of purity, Godly, christian example to him of what he should hope to find in a mate someday. How I treat his father, how I present myself, how I interact with those outside the home, how I dress, how I talk, how I talk about others, OH BOY! I’ve thought about my example a great deal over the years, I want to be who I’m supposed to be before God any way, but all of a sudden this is feeling like a much weightier task, it is a much weightier task. Proverbs 31:28 “Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also praises her…”
Oh Lord, may I be this woman to my family.

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