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Mama Needs Her Girlfriends!

I haven’t stayed up so late for fun in such a long time! Thursday night my awesome raw foods, yoga-doing, massage therapist/accountant, spiritual encourager Gal Pal, Emily came over to show me some pre-natal Holy Yoga. It may sound strange, but seriously, you HAVE to check this out!!!! It was not only the best my body has felt for days and days, but it was uplifting and encouraging and helped me deal with some of my motherhood fears lately. Let me explain – Holy Yoga is based on the scripture Mark 12:30 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.” Instead of just learning the proper terms for each position, you’re given encouraging thoughts to consider as you exercise, and you’re encouraged to practice to worship music. On the DVD Emily brought over, before you click on the practice you want to do, you’re taken to a screen to select a meditation. We ended up choosing all of them eventually, but the first is titled “Motherhood” and verses from Proverbs 31 (the worthy woman) come on the screen over a background of waterfalls, natural scenery and soft music. I’m telling you, very encouraging! As you go into your practice, the instructor will make encouraging comments about carrying the baby and the blessing we have. At the end of the practice, after the relaxation, she offers a prayer of thanks for the practice and for the baby “we’re” carrying. I’m telling you, it was a wonderful experience!

If you get a chance, check it out!!! I thought the DVD from Crunch Mama, “Yoga Mama” (on netflix) was great, this is way better!!!

After yoga it was time for a snack break (peanut butter and honey oatmeal for my yoga buddy ;-)) and we dove into some great spiritual discussions about how we’re called to face trials for God’s glory, see John 11, especially verses 4 and 40. Its so amazing, from the retreat I attended on loving well at the beginning of the month with E, to the retreat E just attended on faith, and what we’ve each been thinking about/learning in our own lives, everything has just been tying in together. Well, in the middle of all that awesomeness, my new next door neighbor texted to invite hubs and me to the baseball game for the next night. Here, the three of us went to the same two colleges, know most of the same people, and she and I just happen to be going to the same church! I invited her to come over and join in the conversation and she did! It was great! Just a couple girls sitting around sharing their stories and encouraging each other in their walk with the Lord! The girls didn’t even go home until 12AM!!! Way unusual for this budding mama-to-be!! So worth it!

So, hubs and I went to the game (pix to come), and starting today we’re celebrating hubby’s first father’s day, I guess “Father-to-be Day”! I’m so excited! I’m taking him to Avengers, (he’s been dying to see it)

and he gets to pick where we eat. He’s so touched it makes me feel bad I haven’t done more “treat hubby days” before this.

Updates to come: how the weekend turns out and 23-24 week bump update!

Have fun celebrating the father’s in your lives!!!


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