11 Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

I saw Chaunie doing this over at http://www.tinybluelines.com/ and thought I would give it a whirl. I’m usually really bad at admitting things that may be shameful, any way embarrassing, or reflect poorly on myself… I guess that could be #1 πŸ˜‰
Btw: The TIATTY movement was inspired by a post from Jess Constable of Make Under My Life and Ez of Creature Comforts. To learn more about the TIATTY movement, you can read Jess’ interview with Laura Rossi from the Huffington Post. You can also visit Robin over at Farewell Stranger to read other TIATTY posts as well.
1. I REALLY hate sleeping on my left side. I’ve been practicing since 16 weeks because I knew it would be difficult for me. Now that one hip or the other is constantly going out, and I can’t seem to find a good position for my left arm, I end up cheating half way through the middle of the night and defaulting to the right side, and more horrifically, sometimes even… my back. Sorry baby 😦

2. I love healthy foods, I want to keep giving my baby all the right nutrients… but my splurges have become more frequent. Hello raspberry cream cheese toaster strudel! (yea, we spent last week together).

3. I’ve wanted soo badly to get an Etsy Shop going, and going to part time and having more down time due to pregnancy was supposed to be the opportunity to really get some merchandise stock piled so I could open a shop… well my motivation has hit all but zero and I’m doing good to keep even one room clean in the house at a time. I can’t craft in chaos, its just my personality.

4. I REALLY do want to be popular 😦 I struggle with wanting to be surrounded by people and wanting to be inside the “in” crowd… then when I get a pretty social week I feel overwhelmed and want to be alone.

5. This is hard… I feel selfish for even thinking it… it kind of relates to number 4. I want to be one of those girls who is showered with baby showers! I KNOW! What’s wrong with me?

6. I think 11 is alot of things to admit.

7. I sucked my thumb until I was 8. Ok, I wasn’t even trying for this one.

8. I secretly hope my son is a star musician (piano, violin?) and a super-sports player (football, basketball, soccer?)

9. I REALLY want my son to have dark curly hair.

10. I’ve always been relieved to have moved away from home. I didn’t even get homesick first semester age 17.

11. I’m afraid I’ll never be “successful”. I know, what does that mean? As a Christian I should only be concerned with accomplishing what the Lord expects of all of us… loving Him, Loving others, showing our love through service. But I have an education, I had/have big dreams, and I just keep taking one assistant job after another that NEVER goes ANYWHERE!!! Sigh… see, I hate to admit this because I love my husband and we’re doing good… what more should I want from life? We’re about to be a family for crying out loud. That’s why I would never admit this out loud.

Anyone else want to share? Find out how over at tinybluelines!

3 thoughts on “11 Things I’m Afraid to Tell You”

  1. I think so many of us feel this way. And I get you on the pregnancy stuff. I'm eating stuff I swore I would never eat while pregnant, and I'm spending way more time on my back this time than last. Which I figure is okay if I feel all right. If I start to feel sick, I move, because that's when it's supposed to be bad. But the left side? Not my favourite either. Glad you joined in. πŸ˜‰


  2. You can sent that raspberry cream cheese toaster strudel to my house, and I'll take care of it for you. When my mom was pregnant, she prayed every day that I would be a girl, and have dark brown hair and blue eyes. It worked! She also prayed that I would like to sleep in because mornings are not her favorite thing, and to this day I still use that as an excuse why I hate to get out of bed.I struggle with that thoughts and feelings about popularity, too.


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