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Let’s start with POSITIVE DAY! After last post I decided I needed to have a positive day 🙂

I have the sweetest hubby in the world! He is so ready to be a papa! He keeps taking good care of mama too 😉 Last week when I was having a rough day, he had run some errands before coming home from work. He detoured through baby clothes and brought home some ADORABLE outfits for his son! He also brought flowers for mama 🙂

The next day he surprised me with yellow daisies and a chai tea latte! He’s such a sweetie!
We did our bump photo on Friday… I can’t believe how much baby boy and I have grown! The months seem to fly by.
So obviously we’re a little bigger 😉 My papaya-sized boy is busy! With his working eyes now blinking away, sensing light, and kicking away. With all the growing he’s done, he’s had to get plenty of sleep. Apparently at this stage he needs 12-14 hours of sleep a day. I think I got the hang of his schedule though, 7-9am wake up and kick mommy a couple times. Late evening around 5-7 a couple kicks, 8-10 a few more kicks and then all is calm again.  I think possibly I’ve had a couple braxton hicks contractions. Good practice for trying different pain-relieving poses.
Nursery Update!
Saturday we finally, for hubby’s sake! got out and bought our baby a bed!!

 Seeing the whole nursery corner together. We’re excited about our multi-use pac’n play!

Close up of the “napper” rocking seat, demo-ed by the blue bear; and the changing table, demo-ed by the white gorilla. 
Me practicing with the changing table 🙂 

 Showing how the rocking seat works with the little bear. Can’t wait til our “baby bear” is sitting in that seat!

Papa Bear practicing putting the fitted sheet on the bassinet mattress. 
 Papa Bear practicing tucking in the little monkey. So cute!!
The bassinet in all its glory! I love how big it is, the music and animal sounds are adorable! And when baby boy is bigger, he will hopefully love playing in his play yard 🙂 
That’s not all! Saturday after finishing in the baby room, we went to a beautiful, perfectly fairy tale-styled wedding!!!

Had to get a shot with the bride, then a few shots with my prince charming in the parking lot 😉
Have a great week ya’ll!!

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