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Weekend Fun!

To kick off the weekend, I went to a ladies’ retreat with a friend. We had a blast! The topic was on “Loving Well” and before we got into the nitty gritty, they had a silly ice breaker for us!

Each group had 5 minutes to put a fashion show-worthy paper towel dress on their designated model. We had fun with the colorful duct tape and little sticker stars. We totally should have won, but alas…

After the game we had worship, then started the Beth Moore dvd devo on “Loving Well.” It was quite the eye opener for myself. I love how she said “The mark of maturity for a Christian is how well you love.” She gave a list of 4 types of people we are called to love:
1. Those who are a joy to love (they making loving easy)
2. Those who are testy (You love them but they sure try your patients and make it hard)
3. Foes (people we might almost hate)
4. People who are far (strangers, people we haven’t even met)

Loving can be tough, but she also gave a list of 4 keys to help love better:
1. God is perfect love – 1 John 4:18
2. Nothing can separate me from God’s perfect love – Romans 8:38-39
3. God pours His perfect love into my imperfect heart – Romans 5:5
4. Accessed (or when we remember and apply steps 1-3), I can love anyone through anything – Philippians 4:13

Hope this will encourage you as much as it did me! Sometimes to grow we need to be brought low, and I tell you, this class really humbled me.

Next day:
Hubby worked an extra 8 hr shift, which is better than the 12 I thought he would have to work. I had just gotten out of the shower when he came home, and he had this sweet look on his face and said “get dressed, we’re going a couple places and we’re going to have fun!”

First stop:

Hubby has found a love for mocha frappe’s, and now he has branched out to also enjoy the new cookie crumble! I don’t do caffeine much at all, for obvious reasons 😉 But I do indulge in the occasional chai tea latte! Saturday I tried a shot of mocha in the chai. It was yummy, but I think I’ll have to stick to the original!!
After Starbucks, hubby surprised me by checking movie times for “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”! I was so excited 🙂 This movie had a some pretty awesome material. I could relate to some of what happened, especially to “Squeaker”. I think the Dad’s were the funniest!
We had enough time before the movie for hubby’s next stop – Shopping trip for baby’s room!

We love Target for baby decor and clothes! It was all hubby’s idea for the big tree and then we saw the other wall decor and thought it would go great also! Then hubby went yet another step and was so sweet… See I had this silly whim of an idea to have one last “tiny”, trendy purse before I have to carry a big diaper bag. He loved the idea because apparently he loves to spoil me. I think its cute, so the new purse made the picture.
After all the fun around town we got to come home and get to work decorating!

For the record, Hubby helped with decorating too, but he preferred working the camera versus being the photo subject 😉 I could not have gotten as much done without him! This was a great team building exercise!

I couldn’t resist a close up of the adorable monkey hamper I gushed about in the last post!
After decorating and photographing the result, it was about 7:30pm! Hubby was such a trooper! He had been up since 2:30am that morning. We were soooo hungry! I had set out ravioli to bake, but we caved and got take out burger for me and buffalo chicken strips for hubby, and chips and queso from Cheddars! It was yummy!
Another fantastic weekend with my best friend and lover!
21 week update:

**What I wore: dress/; skinny belt/; earrings/acholibeads; bracelet/dots; watch/hubby-gifted

I honestly have no idea how TheBump comes up with these comparisons, to me a pomegranate seems smaller than a banana… but I suppose a pomegranate is heavier than a banana.
Here is what baby boy was up to at 21 weeks: 10.5 inches, 12.7 ounces – Digestive system getting ready to be in the real world. He is developing meconium… the tarry black substance which will make his first diaper (oh. yay.)  Movements continue to pick up! This dress doesn’t show as much, but he is definitely showing up more. I’m just waiting form my belly button to make like the built-in chicken timer and pop out!

This has been the update!


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