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20 week update and more!

We have stayed pretty busy the last week or so. David has worked tons of overtime, I’ve tried to keep up with the house, cook healthy meals, and get in some physical activity around my new part time schedule. We’ve enjoyed another prenatal appointment and ultrasound since the last post, celebrated Memorial Day, and went back to the Macaroni Grill where we first met 4 years ago!!! The waitress who served us actually could tell us approximately the table we would have met at, and believes she was working that day. It was a cool time!

On to the bump update and nursery update!!!

 At 20 weeks baby is the size of a banana. He swallows several ounces of amniotic fluid a day, and he’s working on stretching me out! He weighs 10.2 ounces and measures 6.5 inches. I cannot believe we’re halfway through already! His movements still feel like flutters to me, but they’re sometimes more frequent. Taste buds are ready to go! So now he can taste what I’m eating; its a good time to up the veggies and other healthy foods so he has good eating habits when he’s older!

 **What I wore: t-shirt/dots; tank/charlotte ruse; skirt/old navy; bracelet/dots; necklace/grandma’s jewelry box; watch/gift from hubby via kohls

How we spent Memorial Day weekend: First, we had two fun BBQ’s to attend on Saturday. The first was way outside of town and we enjoyed driving through the country and dreaming of owning land and a home of our own… maybe a place with a pond, though I think a pool would rock!
Both places had some pretty cute kiddo’s which made me all the more excited to meet my son!
Sunday church, and Monday we decided to just take the day for ourselves. We were so happy David had off work and we don’t get that much time together usually, uninterrupted by work! In the morning I made crepes, yum yum! I stuffed some with my own honey butter, cinnamon sugar, and some with greek yogurt and strawberries. David used the crepes as tortillas and stuffed his with eggs and cheese.
Then we got ready and took a nice walk at a local park, and then just chilled at the house for the afternoon. Hubby deserved some real down time! After lunch I decided to work in the nursery. Here is what I’ve come up with so far:
When you first walk in from the hallway, this is what you see. On the far wall between the windows is the poster we made for our rehearsal dinner. Baby will have a picture of Mom and Dad when they were young and beautiful 😉

This is a close up of my sleeping arrangement. I figure it will be easier to sleep in the nursery with baby. This is my compromise on co-sleeping.
This is my little work area. I’m thinking positively right now about still keeping up with my crafting and art projects. We’ll see how well that goes when son cries through the night, needs changes and feedings… One can hope, right?
The baby bed will go under the super-cute alphabet wall, next to our AWESOME rocking recliner! You can almost see our son’s own hamper peeking around the chair arm. Its a cute little monkey hamper! You open its mouth to put in the clothes! It even has a carrying strap. Ok, I’m really excited about the hamper… David came up when it was time to put up the letters. He was so cute! He got all excited about decorating and was ready to leave right then and go back to Target for more wall decor. He’s adorable. A way bigger nester than me!
The letters are super-cute though, they make me smile!

YAY!!!!! The closet is organized!!! You can choose to spend around $1,000 or more on a matching baby furniture set that does all the thinking and organizing for you, or you can go to Target and buy cost-effective, still cool, flexible and adaptable pieces to organize any room or closet for a mere fraction of the cost. We have drawer space, hanging space, stackable space for all baby’s accessories; and when he doesn’t need these drawers anymore, we can definitely use them for other purposes in the future! I cannot wait until that little blue tote is full of his little shoes!

 After all the work and play, we settled into a yummy dinner of Fajitas!!!

And I FINALLY got to see Happy Feet Two!!!!
I loved this movie, the company, and the food 🙂

A great weekend with hubs!

Yesterday at our ultrasound we got to see just how big our little boy has grown!!! His features are much more defined, his eyes are actually opened and we can see the lenses! His nose is little and pointed, David says it looks like mine! He weighs 15 ounces now! The tech said I’m all baby! The placenta is actually on top and in front, so I’m not feeling very strong movements. The baby is kicking the placenta 😉 At least though, it is now out of the way of baby’s exit. Its looking like a vaginal birth is back on the plan!

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