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Midweek Update

Even though hubby worked crazy overtime this weekend, when he got home around 11:30 Saturday morning, he still made a point to make it a great time for us! He said it was "Miranda Appreciation Day," but he actually does those semi-regularly, so I decided to change it and make it "Team Diranda" appreciation day!… Continue reading Midweek Update

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Reflections on becoming "Mommy"

  Pictures property of shopdelightfullysweet We so enjoyed our 21 week ultrasound (that should have been 20 weeks, but scheduling, you know ;-)) We were amazed at how much more our son had developed in just 5 weeks!!! We think he has the cutest little profile! I mean, look at that NOSE!!! And his tiny,… Continue reading Reflections on becoming "Mommy"

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Overdue Update

Life gets so busy! Every new post idea I come up with keeps getting pushed back further, then when the time comes so much has built up because so much time has passed!Lets just dive in! We'll work backwards.I'm pretty much 25 weeks pregnant. Last night I took a walk with a friend and realized… Continue reading Overdue Update

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Mama Needs Her Girlfriends!

I haven't stayed up so late for fun in such a long time! Thursday night my awesome raw foods, yoga-doing, massage therapist/accountant, spiritual encourager Gal Pal, Emily came over to show me some pre-natal Holy Yoga. It may sound strange, but seriously, you HAVE to check this out!!!! It was not only the best my body… Continue reading Mama Needs Her Girlfriends!


11 Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

I saw Chaunie doing this over at http://www.tinybluelines.com/ and thought I would give it a whirl. I'm usually really bad at admitting things that may be shameful, any way embarrassing, or reflect poorly on myself... I guess that could be #1 ;-)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Btw: The TIATTY movement was inspired by a post from Jess Constable of Make… Continue reading 11 Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

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Last Night….

I had fun all by myself :-)After work last night I went to the library. I was in the mood for a read that would be inspirational, uplifting, something that could teach me something... teach me something other than how to birth my baby, feed my body, or "fix" my marriage! This was so the… Continue reading Last Night….

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Let's start with POSITIVE DAY! After last post I decided I needed to have a positive day :-)I have the sweetest hubby in the world! He is so ready to be a papa! He keeps taking good care of mama too 😉 Last week when I was having a rough day, he had run some… Continue reading Lately…