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19 week update

At 19 weeks, baby boy achieved mango-size! He is now developing:
Sense of touch, smell, and taste!
Measuring about 6 in. and weighing in at 8.5 ounces, growth is really taking off!
He has his “pretty” waxy vernix, or white peach fuzz covering his body to protect his delicate skin from aminotic fluids. By 30 weeks this special “coat” should disappear, but some babies, especially preemies, are born with some vernix remaining.

On to the pictures!!

*What I wore: purple ruffle top/kohls; tank/kohls; maternity shorts/motherhood; necklace and bracelet/gifted; watch/bday present from hubs; flops/sanku’s via dilliards
Now people have started noticing my bump! I’ve had a few people reach out to touch my belly. Yea, that’s weird for me! Husband thinks the belly is more beautiful the bigger it grows. I’m so glad he takes that approach!

Here is a glimpse of what I’m working with in the nursery. Keep in mind this was my office, but we’ve turned it into temporary storage as we’ve needed somewhere to put baby stuff and whatever else until I could figure out my organization strategy!

First stop (and best part for hubby) was SHOPPING! Getting everything home… well…

This fuzzy picture shows the room as an organized, functional office… Before it became temporary storage and a dumping place for our shopping bounty for baby!

*hangs head* I’m so ashamed…

Nothing stresses me out like a disorganized, dysfunctional closet! How did I let it get this far???

OHHH The horror!!!
This has been your before look! After taking these pictures, I spent 4 solid hours organizing this room and the master bedroom closet. Hubby hung curtains, then we had to just chill. I made tasty burgers and we watched a movie. A productive end to our anniversary weekend celebration! Nothing like tranquil hours by a lake shore, then sitting quietly by a home patio fire pit, eating s’mores (for me, hubby hates them. he had mcdonalds) to jumping headfirst into setting up nursery for baby!!!
Stay tuned for the following stages of our son’s room!  ****and 20 wk bump pix!

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