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Baby Boy Joy!

Now that we’re so close to the halfway point, making our home ready for our son has become more of focus. David has been in the “nesting phase” for weeks! He’s so ready to get everything we need for our son RIGHT NOW! Its precious! I’m slower to get there. I take my time planning out, figuring exactly what we need, or more acurately, what we can do without. Maybe I watch too many tribal mothers on National Geographic? 

Now that I am getting on board, hitting nesting phase with wings wide spread – I’m so excited about some things we’ve purchased or received so far, and what we’re planning to do this weekend!!!

I love crocheting! I began crocheting when I was 7. My dream always was to make baby blankets and other items for my children one day. So far, the “blanket” I’m working on seems like it will make a great play mat for baby when he is ready to get down on the floor. Its so thick, since I’m using a heavier weighted yarn. First time using a 9mm hook!
And who could resist those precious little toys??? David even wants me to make the hedgehog for him 😉
My thinking is, if we give our son toys that do all the thinking an playing for him, what is he going to learn? How well will his imagination develop? I want him to play with toys that leave something to the imagination and give him room to create his own stories!!!
This lady knows what I’m talking about!!! Go vintage!


The clothes on the left were gifts from one of my dear friends. She is on her third pregnancy and still the magic has not worn off! She loves baby stuff as much now as I’m beginning too on my first!
The right corner show two onesies and two pairs of shorts we picked out. We just love those little animated monkeys! And those baby shorts!!!! I’m not getting any more summery things just because he’s coming in October, but these things were $4… I had to! And the white button down in front is just like a shirt David has! Its for an 18mo old, so next Easter he and daddy can have a matching picture!!!!

Before we ever had anything else for our son, before we knew he would be a son, we bought books! Books at consignment! It was so much fun imagining reading to our little baby. We both love religious children’s books, and David is driven to find the perfect “my first Bible.” He picked these adventure Bible story books all by himself. He was drawn I think by the pictures, and that beside the stories are action ques 😉 He will make such a cute dad!

And yes, I already bought my son’s first school book!!! I COULD NOT resist! All subjects for the first grade in ONE BOOK!!!! I can photo copy the pages and use them for the next kid! The lessons looked great, and it was just a few dollars at Sams! (yea.. I’m going to be a homeschool mom 🙂 )
And yes folks, I am going to wear my baby!!!! I was ecstatic to come home from work yesterday and find our baby sling in the mail!!! Check out seven slings if you’re on the market! They’re always running a promotion for a great discount on their slings. This promotion for Mother’s Day was code: FITMOTHER and scored me 100% off the sling, just pay shipping 🙂
I am sooo looking forward to having my little “baby bear” snuggling with me in this adorable sling!
If you haven’t noticed yet… I plan on kelly green (ok, alpine green so David doesn’t think it sounds “soo girly”), navy blue, and brown for our little boy’s colors. I would have done green and brown regardless, but with a girl I would have mixed in shades of purple 🙂
And finally, a sample of one of my yummy maternity meals! I eat like this usually any way, but I’ve been amping up the healthy ingredients especially for my son’s sake. You’re looking at asparagus sauteed in a touch of olive oil with a sprinkling of seal salt, chicken I poached in butter, lime juice, and crushed red pepper flakes then topped with light, natural bleu cheese dressing, and strawberries for dessert!!! Sooo yummy 🙂
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Still to come… 20 week bump photo and a tribute to our anniversary, which we’re celebrating this weekend; along with decorating our sons room!

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