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Since my last posts: I’ve turned 25 (WOW!), I’ve retired two more items of clothing (a dress and skirt I thought I would never grow into I’ve now grown past!)

I’m going to let the pictures show how WONDERFUL my husband is and how awesome my birthday was thanks to him!!!


he slaves who worked this cave during the war of 1812 left their mark on the cave.


Totally candid!

DSCF9344 DSCF9326 DSCF9339

Our son already on the caving kick!


This was comforting after skimming over those bottomless pitts!


The last leg of the journey was 250 steps up a narrow spiral staircase. That was thrilling!
Cute little squirrel behind our hotel!
DSCF9359 DSCF9365

So, if you can’t tell… We had a picnic, then went caving. After everyone headed their separate ways, hubby showed me to our hotel and then we took a romantic stroll through the forest before dinner šŸ™‚

I love that baby got to spend my bday with us, even though he had to celebrate from his tiny womb-home!!
Pix to come of weeks 17-18 and our new baby items!!!
I’m really loving the idea of having a boy now šŸ˜‰ We’ve seen some SUPER-CUTE baby boy clothes, and we had fun imagining carrying our son around in a pack on hikes, and having a picnic with him in a year or so. You know, sandwich for me, cliff bar for hubby, boob for baby šŸ˜‰

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