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Bubble Wrap in My Belly!

So, odd time to post I know. But waking up at 3:45am is sometimes normal… Already getting up for morning “feedings” and potty. After reading Jer. 32 and doing some praying, I was pretty alert. You know, I spend a lot of time asking God for a lot of things. Thankfully, today I had the realization that God has already done way for me than I could ever ask. All my life, the way he’s watched over the people I know and love, the way that no matter what has happened in my life, I’ve been provided for. Today it felt really good just to recognize what God has done and does, and just thank him for what I already have. Praise God!!!!

Pregnancy is getting cooler now, not as sick (finally!!! I’m so delayed in this area (according to popular literature and belief)), ANNND I’m starting to feel subtle baby movements! I describe it as bubble wrap in my belly! We’re 17 weeks, baby is the size of an onion (picture to come), and towards the end of last week I would feel little flutters every so ofter. Everyone gets excited at this point, and I totally am! David is a little jealous because he’s not feeling anything yet. I keep telling him to wait until our son is a little bigger. David tries to coax the baby by getting really close to the belly, while rubbing it and saying “Hello Baby Bear, this is your father speaking, I love you…” and whatever else comes to his mind in the moment. Its so cute!!! See, usually if I’m talking, singing (yea, I make up songs for the baby now), or reading to the baby, I rub my belly hoping he’ll know I mean to talk, sing, or read to him. Sometimes when I stop and hold my hand in one place he’ll flutter a little bit. I told David my “trick” and he hopes it will work for him too, soon!

Picture catch up!


Ok, so maybe we cheated on this one. But seriously, the avocados were over a dollar and rock solid!!! I would not buy one and wait weeks for it to be soft enough to eat, only to find it tasteless because it was counter-ripened!!!

16 weeks: Baby size – avocado! 4.6 inches long, 3.5 ounces, has a strong heartbeat, can hear my voice; he’s growing hair, eyelashes, and taste buds!!! Grow baby, GROW! We love our son!


***What we’re wearing: Dress/Dots, Tank/Dots, Bracelets/Dots, Hoops/Charlotte Ruse
Time to say goodbye 😦
DSCF9312 DSCF9313 DSCF9314
 **T/Old Navy; Tanks/Kohls; Cropped pants/Gap; Boat shoes/Croft and Barrow; Bracelets/gifts from friends; Necklace/Gift from friend

Sadly, for me, this is the last pair of 4s I wore 😦 Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the evidence that my baby is growing! Its just, I’m not really excited about saying goodbye to my clothes. I’m not super into buying maternity clothes. In fact, the only piece of maternity clothing I own is the pair of maternity yoga pants my hubby bought me for valentines! David is all for getting new pants for me… I’ll be ready someday 😉 til then… bring on the flowy dresses and skirts that still fit!!!


M ~

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