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19 week update

At 19 weeks, baby boy achieved mango-size! He is now developing:Sense of touch, smell, and taste!Measuring about 6 in. and weighing in at 8.5 ounces, growth is really taking off!He has his "pretty" waxy vernix, or white peach fuzz covering his body to protect his delicate skin from aminotic fluids. By 30 weeks this special "coat"… Continue reading 19 week update

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Our Anniversary!

One year today! We're more in love and happier than we've ever been together. Its amazing! We can't believe one year has come and gone so quickly!Kelly Scott, photog.I hope every year we can say we're more in love and happier than before!! (see more about us and wedding pix here)I'm telling you, with the… Continue reading Our Anniversary!

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Baby Boy Joy!

Now that we're so close to the halfway point, making our home ready for our son has become more of focus. David has been in the "nesting phase" for weeks! He's so ready to get everything we need for our son RIGHT NOW! Its precious! I'm slower to get there. I take my time planning… Continue reading Baby Boy Joy!

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Bump it up!

... lame title? I know... Lets cut to the chase! Week 17: Baby achieved onion-size! I'm achieving very noticeable maternity-stage! Hubby was sweet and took me shopping for maternity clothes at this point! I was in denial, he was having a blast ūüôā He's so supportive!¬† Baby at this point is 5.1 inches long and… Continue reading Bump it up!

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Since my last posts: I've turned 25 (WOW!), I've retired two more items of clothing (a dress and skirt I thought I would never grow into I've now grown past!) I'm going to let the pictures show how WONDERFUL my husband is and how awesome my birthday was thanks to him!!! he slaves who worked… Continue reading Picture-Heavy

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Bubble Wrap in My Belly!

So, odd time to post I know. But waking up at 3:45am is sometimes normal...¬†Already¬†getting up for morning "feedings" and potty. After reading Jer. 32 and doing some praying, I was pretty alert. You know, I spend a lot of time asking God for a lot of things. Thankfully, today I had the realization that… Continue reading Bubble Wrap in My Belly!