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Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!!

We had three huge surprises on Wednesday at our first prenatal visit! First, the midwife let us know she thought I was further along then my estimated 14 weeks, second she sent us for an ultrasound, and THREE: We know which “one” we’re expecting!!!!

Ok, I was completely shocked. Not only did I think we still had a few weeks before we would have and ultrasound, let alone know which we’re having, I was still totally thinking I carried a girl in my womb. The ultrasound tech asked us if we wanted to know, I said “really? You can tell already?” She said yes, I looked at David he looked excited and said, “Yea! We wanna know!” So I said, “Ok!” The lady said, “It’s a boy!” Then HE gave us quite a show! While it seemed obvious, I was possibly in denial and still thinking we were earlier in the pregnancy and I’ve read boys and girls look the same for a few weeks. I said, “Is there any chance it will change in a couple weeks?” In good humor the tech smiled and said, “Its not going to fall off!” ha-ha. Ok, so a son. This is great! After getting over my shock I was really excited! David was completely thrilled and totally proud of himself. Of course I let him know, he planted the seed but I had to grow the goods 😉
I used the t-shirt from this picture to tell the girls from work we know, and we’re going to use this pic to make photo cards to send to parents and grandparents for the big reveal.


Here is a grainy, but very happy picture of me enjoying the first look at my little boy 🙂 I’m smiling just writing “my little boy.” This news had made everything seem so much more real, made my love grow more intense, and the excitement really build! I want to meet this kid! And now, we possibly get to two weeks earlier! The new date is October 4.

The place we went was so awesome to give us stills and a dvd. Here is our son sucking his thumb! Isn’t he sooo CUTE?!?!?!?

Here is our son getting some tummy time. Look at that tiny butt! Strong spine too, it looks like.


Here is a face shot, he has his little hand tucked up by his head. I think already he looks like his papa, the shape of the head makes me think “David.”
So, knowing now that I have actually completed my 16th week, and realizing we’ve been 2 weeks behind this whole time, I’ve decided I will completely start over with bump/fruit/veggie photos. Week 16 is supposed to be an avocado and I’m totally stoked because I LOVE avocado!!!
Other updates… I’m totally getting bigger. I have only one pair of jeans I can zipper and button, and those won’t last much longer. I had to buy new bras, I just could not make it in the others ANY.LONGER. I went up in the band and cup, so weird for me! I’m finally feeling more able to keep up around the house and actually managed to have a friend over for dinner. I made a soup from scratch! Granted, that’s an easy meal when you’re throwing everything from your freezer and fridge into one pot, but still, its something I haven’t felt up to doing in a long time. I’ve only thrown up three times this week. I’m managing my nausea a little better as its a little less. I think I have really increased sensitivity to noises. Its weird. TV sounds, sounds of David eating, sounds of food wrappers opening, its driving me CRAZY!!! I realize some other unpleasant changes, with faster growing hair comes more hair in places I don’t want, with a growing tummy comes growing pains, and gas pains, AND my tiny innie belly button is already getting bigger and coming more to the surface 😦 who knew? More backaches, headaches, and heartburn too. Ahhh the joys of maternity 😉 I love my little bundle though!!! I’m singing to him and read to him the other night from psalms.
That’s all for now. More to come soon!



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