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Do I still got it?

Today was the first day I’ve worked outside the home in 11 months!!! So weird. Like everyone will tell you, “nothing lasts forever,” “you can’t count on things staying the same,” “life changes in the blink of an eye.” All of that certainly proves true in my life, and very quickly have many changes taken place over the last 11 months, let alone last the 7 years. Ok, so back to point.

I worked for a corporation which owns hospitals. I was an administrative assistant. Basically the company is run by VPs and AAs. Very funny. I had an awesome boss who when my marriage grew closer, and fiance couldn’t find work in my city, said she would try and set up approvals for me to work from home in my new city. The situation couldn’t have worked out better for hubs and me. He works 3rd shift, so even though I worked regular business hours, we could still be in the house at the same time which allowed us to at least be around each other. I highly recommend being around your hubs as much as possible, especially in the first few months!!! Lay that foundation ladies!

Well, as we’ve already stated, things change. I had to look for work that we could depend on with the coming child. David does well for us, but we could use a tad extra each month. Who couldn’t? 😉

Once again, who I know helps. A friend had a sister-in-law who needed an assistant. I get the job. Today I began learning what it takes to assist someone in the family law business. Its still assistant work, but a totally different field than I’ve worked in before. I’m stoked though because I always thought it would be so cool to work in a law office. As a child I wanted to become a lobbyist for nonprofit organizations. This isn’t the same thing, but its still cool. So far, just information today. Everyone seems really nice, I’m not the youngest person on staff, and I think its really great that everyone goes to lunch at the same time and half the office sat together for lunch.

Last night I tossed and turned with so many dreams. A rough end to a rough day. Tons of prego-sickness, little sleep lead to not having everything done I wanted before my first day. Isn’t that just how life goes? Praise the Lord I managed to survive nausea without throwing up… get into a dress for work for the first time in FOR-EVER, make a protein-infused smoothie, pack enough food for 3 for 3 meals, and get out the door… kissing husband as I dashed to the car.

Unfortunately, did not get the “What I wore to my first day of work” pic. Maybe a little elementary school, but I thought it might be a fun fashion post… I’ll just say it was a cute outfit 😉 Husband enthusiastically said “Aw, you look pretty!” When he got home this morning. Very nice to hear when I’m already super nervous.

So since I don’t have a pic from today, I’ll tide you all over with pix of previous baby bump pix.

DSCF9090  DSCF9092             DSCF9096

7 Weeks! Baby was the size of a blueberry. Baby was generating about 100 new brain cells per minute! Baby’s heart is becoming more complex too. Now arm and leg joints form!

*What mama wore: Dress/Dots; tank/kohls; leggings/don’t remember; necklaces/upcycled from Grandma’s jewelry box 🙂

This week is pretty cool. 8 weeks, raspberry week! Baby has grown quickly all along but now baby is growing about a millimeter a day, moving arm and leg buds like crazy (though too small for me to feel), developing taste buds, and making mama very sick!!! But still worth it 😉 This is the first week we saw a tiny bit of a bump (though it may have been baby bloat), clothes were getting noticeably smaller and we took a bunch of them to consignment and goodwill.
All baby fruit comparisons and descriptions based on
*What mama wore: Cropped linen trousers/gap; sleeveless crochet top/old navy; tank/dots; sunnies/kohls; necklaces/same as above; bracelet/one of many worn stacked on wedding day, from maurices
Stay tuned for more adventures as this mama-to-be experiences change after change, and baby continues to grow! Week 13 pix coming as well as first prenatal visit post!!

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