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Bump Watch — 11 Weeks

I’m actually starting my 12th week, but I didn’t want to do the bump post with the zoo post. So here goes…


11 weeks and baby is the size of a lime! At 1.5 to 2 inches, “baby bear” is fully featured from eyes now protected by eyelids, fingers and toes – no webbing! Fully functioning kidneys, tiny heart, ears, and jumping around like a baby bean (though too small for mama to feel).
I am definitely sporting a mini bump at this point. Really loving my borrowed bella band!


DSCF9177 DSCF9179 DSCF9184
I love how David wants to stay involved. He grows more excited each week! Every once in a while he asks me to stand sideways so he can “see that bump!” Then his face lights up like a little boy and he says “he! he! he! I’m gonna be a daddy!” He’s sooo cute!!!
What we wore: me – Scarf cardi/charlotte ruse * tank/charlotte ruse * bella band/borrowed * skinnies/gap * sneaks/new balance c/o hyders
him – t-shirt/leftover from skater boi days * jeans/urban pipeline * sneaks/osiris c/o big shoe discount store (we love those!)
We’re sooo excited!!! Yesterday we headed to the big city to meet our midwife! Finding a medical practioner has definitely brought the most stress to this pregnancy so far. Who knew it would be this difficult to find someone to take care of me and baby? Our town has extremely limited resources, especially if you want to go all-naturale. My dream is home birth, but no one is willing to do that for us (well one person was but he majorly creeped us out. that story later). So we got the name of a CNM from a friend and made a consultation appointment. She was A-mazing! She closed the deal when she described some of the crazy positions she finds herself in when it comes to catching the baby and saying “Its not about us and what is convenient, its about you and whats going to work for you to get the baby out. We leave you alone to birth and do almost no interventions unless we have a real medical reason.” Whoo!!! I did not want to end up in a situation where I’m kept on my back and after two hours I have some nurse or doctor trying to force pitocin in my arm. They will also leave us alone for the first hour after birth to just bond! They delay cord cutting and everything, its just catch baby, give to mom! YAY!!!!!! She said “everything else can wait, we want you to bond. ” She also told us that their c-section rate stays in the teens while the rest of the country is in the high 40(s)%. They absolutely refuse to do elected inductions and will let you go to 42 weeks if mom and baby are still doing ok with everything. How awesome is this??!! We finally found a place that gets it, our hope is now reality.
David and I both just lit up at the moment, we had a moment! We just knew! All we want is to make sure the baby comes in the healthiest way possible, that we can fully bond with the baby, and get on with the nurturing process!
Have a fantastic weekend!

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