Our Day at the Zoo

DSCF9124 DSCF9135 DSCF9153 DSCF9239 DSCF9266DSCF9197  DSCF9276

We had a blast! Animals, caves, yummy food, just time together! Just what we needed after a long stint of daily grind, semi-typical stresses, you know how it goes. A mini stay-cation was fantastic!

The Kookaburra was pretty cute, but didn’t do very much. We never even heard the Kookaburra call. I loved all the pretty parrots. Lorikeets stole the show however, with their vibrant colors and personalities! So friendly, so eager, and almost overwhelming as they swarmed us when we stepped into their habitat, hands outstretched with nectar cups. S00 Pretty!!!! Lorikeets seemed to have an obsession with hair. They were practically yanking David’s hair out by the roots to get more of that yummy axe flavor. They also loved his ears!!! This was hilarious! And of course, Kangaroos and caves!!

The cave pictures didn’t turn out super-awesome, but you get the idea. I really love caves! Even small show caves like this one.

All in all, a terrific day! I had planned on using whole wheat penne leftover from the night before to make baked chicken penne, but after 5 hours of fun, hubby was sweet to offer dinner out at a Mexican restaurant! I have craved burritos since conception so I was THRILLED!!!!
Stay tuned for the bump update!
Enjoy your week!

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