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Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!!

We had three huge surprises on Wednesday at our first prenatal visit! First, the midwife let us know she thought I was further along then my estimated 14 weeks, second she sent us for an ultrasound, and THREE: We know which "one" we're expecting!!!! dun-dada-DAAAAAAAAAAA Ok, I was completely shocked. Not only did I think we… Continue reading Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!!

baby bump, baby developments, Bump update, bump watch, mama developments, waiting for baby, week by week pregnancy, what I wore

Do I still got it?

Today was the first day I've worked outside the home in 11 months!!! So weird. Like everyone will tell you, "nothing lasts forever," "you can't count on things staying the same," "life changes in the blink of an eye." All of that certainly proves true in my life, and very quickly have many changes taken… Continue reading Do I still got it?

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Bump Watch — 11 Weeks

I'm actually starting my 12th week, but I didn't want to do the bump post with the zoo post. So here goes... 11 weeks and baby is the size of a lime! At 1.5 to 2 inches, "baby bear" is fully featured from eyes now protected by eyelids, fingers and toes - no webbing! Fully functioning… Continue reading Bump Watch — 11 Weeks


Our Day at the Zoo

  We had a blast! Animals, caves, yummy food, just time together! Just what we needed after a long stint of daily grind, semi-typical stresses, you know how it goes. A mini stay-cation was fantastic! The Kookaburra was pretty cute, but didn't do very much. We never even heard the Kookaburra call. I loved all… Continue reading Our Day at the Zoo


We’re Going to the Zoo!!

This is just a tease..... Hubby gets a 3-day weekend!!! We're so excited because he works 3rd shift and while its great to have him around for mornings usually, we never hang out in the evenings. This weekend, not only do we get to hang out 3 evenings in a row, we're actually dropping all… Continue reading We’re Going to the Zoo!!


Spring Beginnings – New Journeys

Almost one and one half years ago I began planning a simple, beautiful wedding to the best man I've ever known (Pictures and more of the story to come!). My days and nights were filled with DIY blogs (Wedding Chicks), free wedding offer sites, and ETSY!!!!!! This is when I discovered the featured seller and… Continue reading Spring Beginnings – New Journeys